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Download Minecraft APK free for android with working Xbox Live account: Craft items with Cherry wood, use sniffer to find seeds and much more.

Minecraft Release

Welcome to the exciting world of Minecraft updates! We are here with a new update called Minecraft PE Developers have improved the game with new features, improvements, and fixes. In this update, there is a lot to discover and enjoy. Whether you are a fan of exploring, crafting, or just having fun, for instance, Players can delve into new places, uncover ancient secrets, and experience smoother gameplay. Let us look at the changes that make trails, and tales updates special.

Tales and Trails Update Features

The cool part about the Tales and Trails Update is that it brings some fun new things to do. Players can go on adventures to dig up old things in the ground, like treasures, and grow cute creatures called sniffers from eggs, which will help you find special plant seeds. Additionally, players can find pink in Cherry Grove wood, which is great for making things.


The way characters move in the game got better in this update. The developers of Mojang have added a fantastic new move called crawling, which helps players get into small spaces. Crawling can be helpful when you want to hide from evil creatures that might hurt you.

Trail Ruins

The players will discover a new place called Trail Ruins in Minecraft PE This is an ancient place with hidden treasures under the ground. You might get cool things like patterns to make unique stuff if you find them.

Cherry Wood

In the game’s update, there is a place called Cherry Grove. You can find pink wood that’s different from other woods and can be used to make neat things. Moreover, players can also use flower petals to make colors.

Bug Fixes in MCPE

The Minecraft PE update also fixed some problems that were causing issues in the game:
  • There was a problem with a special kind of rock called Amethyst not lighting up, and they fixed it.
  • They also fixed a problem with signs hanging on walls, so they work the right way now.
  • When you look from a certain angle at the Composter, the camera no longer does not do strange things.
  • The game will no longer forget things on particular servers, so it works better.
  • The pictures for buttons you press on a game controller are now correct.
  • The slider for moving text now works better when you click on it.
  • Some problems with things like rocks and signs have been fixed.
  • The camera does not act weird anymore when you look at some stuff.
  • The game also works smoother on special servers now.
  • Some things for people who use Android devices have improved.
  • The game menu has a new name now, “Game Menu.”
  • The game’s talking and reading parts improved, so you understand more.
  • A tool called a crossbow only gets weaker when you shoot it now, not when you get it ready.
  • The menu that pops up when the player pauses the game has a new name, “Game Menu.”
  • The game world looking darker does not make the words and buttons hard to see anymore.
  • There is also a change where a tool called a crossbow only gets weaker when you shoot it, not when you get it ready.


  • Some significant changes have been added to make the game more fun in Minecraft PE
  • One thing they did was change the name of something called Scorched Clay in commands.
  • They also made the way the game talks to you sound better and easier to understand.
  • Using specific commands with blocks in the game is also more accessible now.
  • They made it so that unlocking new crafting recipes works better now.

Other improvements: 

  • The buttons and menus you use to play became easier and looked better.
  • The way you navigate and use the game has been made better.
  • The game’s look has been improved, making it prettier and easier to use.
  • There are now separate sections for Realms and Friends, making it less confusing.
  • If you want to create

Torch flower can be used to breed sniffer.

Crawling animation.

The player is going to change to swimming.