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Download Minecraft Bedrock APK free for Android with working Xbox Live account: Explore Cherry Grove biome, grow Sniffer mob and more.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Hi crafters! Let’s explore some exciting changes in the latest update Minecraft Beta. In the version, the virtual world of Minecraft is getting even better with new features and improvements. Players will notice cool things happening around them. For instance, you will find cute creatures, beautiful biomes like Blossom Cherry, and some neat tricks you can do. Additionally, the developers have added a Crawling option to the game as well which will allow players to fit in 1*1 block space. So, let’s jump in and discover what’s new in this awesome update!

Objects of Archeology

In the latest Minecraft update, a touch of mystery awaits as players uncover secrets hidden within special sand. They  can dig up special sand or gravel using a Brush to find hidden items, like clay fragments. These items can be used to craft interior decoration items, which adds an exciting layer to the game.


A new movement option, Crawling, has been added to Minecraft Trails and Tales by Mojang developers. This option added some abilities to the player. For example, while using this option player can move through tight spaces, can fit in 1*1 block area and also helps players to hide from hostile mobs. Moreover, it doesn’t affect player speed, you can move at the same speed as sneaking and walking. Here are some important things the player must know when using this option. You’ll find reduction in  jump, sprinting, and attacking features; and you have to aim more carefully.

Cherry Grove

If you are looking for a beautiful and peaceful place in Cube world then this update is for you. This update introduces a new biome called Cherry Grove. It is a rare biome, you have to explore the Minecraft world to find it. Bytheway, it’s mostly found in mountainous regions. It’s cherry trees with pink leaves which distinguish it from other biomes. Cherry Grove is home to Bee nests, orange frogs and players can find items there like Pink petals and more.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple game crashes.
  •  Fixed a problem where Blaze didn’t move back when hit and stayed safe for too long

Players can use petals for composting, crafting pink dye and for decoration.

Players can discover sniffer eggs in suspicious sand blocks in warm ocean ruins.

Crawling option is automatic.