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Download Minecraft APK 1.17.10 Caves & Cliffs update with a working Xbox Live: creat candle for lighting, met with Axolotal mob, use a new item Spyglass, and more.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.17.10?

Minecraft 1.17.10 Caves and Cliffs update is released by Mojang studio. In this update, the developers have added a lot of new Rare Material, fixed some Annoying bugs, and other interesting features.


Spyglass is like a Telescope. Players can use this item to scope out far-off surroundings and stay informed about potential dangers. Crafting a spyglass is very easy. To prepare this item, you will need two copper ingots and one amethyst shard. Moreover, the zoom level of the spyglass depends on your FOV setting, and if you are walking while using it, you will be moving very slowly.

Amethyst and Amethyst Geode

Amethyst is one of the materials introduced in Minecraft pe 1.17.10. To obtain the amethyst, you must discover an amethyst geode in the depth of the caves. The structure of an amethyst geode is composed of three layers: outer, middle, and inner. When you see a smooth blast, keep your pickaxe handy because that will be the outer layer of the amethyst geode and soon it will be for mining amethyst which you will find in the inner layer, crossing after the middle layer of calcite.


In Minecraft 1.17.10, the developer has introduced a new helpful lighting item, the Candle. It can be installed anywhere in the cube world conveniently. Moreover, you can install four candles on one block at a time, even mount them on a cake.


Of course, a new mob Axolotl is also added in the Caves & Cliffs update. This creature spawns underground water biomes, and it can pretend to be dead when it takes damage.

Glowing berries

Finding food in caves and biomes was very difficult, but no more. The developers have glowing berries like a cherry on the cake in the caves. The most interesting features of the glow-berries are that it emits light while hanging, and the player can eat them to reduce his hunger.


In MCPE 1.17.10 update, A new block Tuff is introduced as well. Currently, there is no practical use for it. You can only use it to decorate houses, Buildings, and many more places. To craft this block, you will need a pickaxe. You can use Gold, or Diamond made tools to mine it much faster. You can also use wooden ones, but it might be much slower than Gold and Diamond made tools.

How to make Candles in Minecraft?

Making Candles is very easy and cheap. You only need two things to make the Candle: One String and a Honeycomb. To make it, Open your crafting window, put 1 String above and 1 Honeycomb below, and boom, ready. In addition, you can choose a specific color for the Candle.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed loading screen issue when joining worlds.
  • Corrected block rendering when placed in certain orientations.
  • Resolved player getting stuck in waterlogged blocks.
  • Fixed mob spawn issue in certain biomes.
  • Addressed sound effect playback problem.

Open your crafting window and place 1 String & 1 Honeycomb in it.

Amethyst Geodes are underground in the Overworld starting at Y-level 70 and can appear in any biome.

No, Axolotl is a friendly mob.