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Download Minecraft APK free on Android, compatible with Xbox Live: Try new experimental mode called Spectator, meet with the most scary mob Warden, explore new territories and much more.

What is New in Minecraft

Get ready to try new exciting features of the Cube-World. The developers of Mojang have released Minecraft In this version, the players can try new experimental features and other improvements and changes. Spectator mode allows users to explore the world, find hidden secrets, and help other users. Moreover, Now the users have to pay for emotions, and the developers have fixed some bugs, improved graphics, and made many other changes to the Cube-World, which enhance the game’s overall experience.

Biomes in MCPE

Minecraft contains various biomes, including deserts, forests, oceans, islands, and mountains. Here are some famous biomes of Minecraft PE
  • Plains: plains biome is a great starting point for survival mode because it is a flat green area, and players can easily find resources in it.
  • Forests: a forest is a varied biome that consists of trees, flowers, and grass. Players can also find animals such as sheep, pigs, cows, and more there. Read more details on duckyhowto
  • Swamp: The swamp biome is home to frogs and slimes, a wet area with trees, water, and lily pads.
  • Desert: This biome is where users can find diamonds and golds.
  • Jungle: Jungle biome is a hot area with various animals. If you wish to find pandas and emeralds, you must visit this biome.


Mobs are an integral part of the enchanting world of Minecraft. This game features various mobs, each with unique characteristics and abilities. These creatures can be categorized into several groups, including hostile mobs, passive mobs, neutral mobs, utility mobs, and boss mobs. Their diverse behaviors, interactions, and significance in gameplay make Minecraft an immersive and captivating experience.


  • NPC name appears when the player hovers over the newly added switch.
  • The main screen yellow messages have been updated.
  • The “Insert” button has been added to the command block menu.
  • The Create New World screen button now appears in the settings.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Resolved an issue of Spawn Flags in new structures.
  • Fixed a matter of when Player textures and interface elements turn pink after a long game on the server.
  • Addressed a crash issue on Xbox when resuming the game.
  • Now, users can delete cloud-synced worlds after deleting local worlds.
  • Resolved an issue of gaps in messages.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when enderman teleported in 32 blocks.
  • Now the sprint always turns on.


In Minecraft PE, the developers have added a new experimental mode called Spectator Mode, which users can try by enabling it from settings, fixing some annoying bugs, and making other game changes and improvements. Moreover, users can explore new biomes, find a variety of blocks and other valuable resources and use it to craft different items and much more.

Mangrove wood can be used to make a fire or for construction.

Yes, it is hazardous and can quickly kill players.

Yes, it can.