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Download Minecraft 1.19.81 apk free on Android, compatible with Xbox Live: Creat Custom shields and armor, discover sculk sensor and more.

Minecraft 1.19.81 Release

The Mojang Studio team always surprises players with new updates to Minecraft. They are dedicated to entertain the players by introducing new features, friendly and  scary mobs, unique items, bug fixes, and many more improvements and changes to the game in each update. In Minecraft PE 1.19.81 Trails and Tales update, you will notice a variety of changes and improvements in the game. Such as, the developers have added a new option that allows users to make changes to shields and armors without any restrictions. Additionally, some new templates have been added to the chests that can be used to improve armor. Moreover,  they have also added new music to Tail Ruins and much more.


  • Bamboo: In previous versions, the Bamboo can be planted in specific areas. Now, the users plant it easily in any light level, up from light level 9.
  • Flowers: now it is much easier than pervious verion to collect dye from flowers when broken with silk touch.
  • Nether wart: Harvesting or Nether wart has become easier in the update, now they grow in a cluster of 2-4.
  • Sugar can: like Nether Wart the Sugar can now also grow in a cluster of 2-4.
  • The players can now plant Birch, dark oak, and spruce saplings in Bone Meal and grow it much faster.

Sculk sensors

Here are some changes and improvement that have been made to sculk sensors:
  • Can detect vibration in the range of 16 blocks.
  • 1 Second cooldown: After sensing a vibration, there is a brief 1-second period during which they are unable to detect any further vibrations.
  • They can now detect the vibration of lava and water.
  • Mob Trap: players can make traps for killing or capturing mobs, using sculk sensors.
  • Redstone contraptions: Sculk Sensors can be used to create a wide variety of Redstone contraptions, such as piston doors, sorting systems, and even elevators.
  • Sculks Sensors can now detect vibration more accurately.
  • They can detect vibrations more quickly than before.

Custom shields and armor in MCPE 1.19.81

The Mojang team has prepared a big surprise for those players who enjoy customizing their gear. They must download Minecraft 1.19.81 APK on their Android devices. Copper, Gold, and Netherite can be used to create custom  shields and armor. Players can use a variety of patterns to decorate their custom shields and armor.


Sniffer is a dog-like creature in the game, which helps players in finding ancient seeds in a 6×6 area around them. Here are some changes and improvements that have been made to this creature in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.81:
  • Sniffer can now detect ancient seeds in the area of 16 blocks.
  • The digging speed has been increased.
  • Reduced the cooldown after digging up from 8min to 4min.
  • Increased the dropping ancient seed chance from 25% to 50%.


A new music “Disc 11” has been introduced to the game. There are two ways to get Disc-11: finding and crafting. It’s maybe a little hard to find this music disc, because it’s a rare item and it can only be found in Woodland Mansions. But players can craft it as well. To craft Disc 11 you will need to combine eight ancient seeds in a crafting table.

Bug fixes

  • Infinitely load of purchase button on Featured Servers issue has been resolved.
  • Crash issue with ‘/tell’ command fixed.
  • “Show More” button now displays in Featured Server offers.
  • Sniffer mob now drops ancient seeds when killed.
  • Sniffer mobs can now dig up ancient seeds from certain blocks.
  • Sniffer mobs no longer get stuck in specific situations.

Use Sniffer to find Torch Flower seed.


Yes, You will need torch flower seeds.