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Download Minecraft APK Trails and Tales Update free for Android , compatible with Xbox Live: Explore new biomes, unlocked new recipes and much more.

What’s New in Minecraft Trails & Tales Update?

Get ready to explore Cube-World  with new functionality and features. Developers of Mojang have released the latest version of Minecraft PE also known as Trails and Tales update. In this update, the players will notice changes and improvements in the game. For example, now players can sneak and crawl, and can use Sniffer to find Ancient seeds. Moreover, they will notice other improvements and bug fixes that could occur while playing the old version.

Recipe Unlocking

This feature is transferred from the java edition as an experiment in Minecraft Beta version.To use this feature, the player must collect materials to unlock new recipes. You will receive a notification when you find a new crafting material. In easy words, now the players will be able to craft new items easily, they haven’t crafted before.

Sneak and Crawl

Sneaking and crawling features are not fully functional in the game. It might be removed or changed in the feature updates, because they are currently added as experimental features in this update. Moreover, Players will no more experience being trapped within Cauldrons or Composters when crawling inside with a Trapdoor and the paperdoll will now be displayed correctly while crawling.

New Biome 

Those players must download Minecraft who love to explore  new biomes in the game. The Mojang team has introduced a new beautiful biome called Mangrove Swamp. It is a warm, humid biome that is home to mangrove trees, mud, and frogs. This biome can be found near other warm biomes, such as jungles and deserts. Users can find resources and items in Mangrove swamp, including wood, leaves, Mud and much more.

Bug Fixes: 

  • The issue causing the paperdoll to appear incorrectly while crawling has been resolved, providing a seamless visual representation.
  • An issue has been resolved where gliding or swimming could occasionally result in an incorrect bounding box for the player.
  • Maps now accurately display Suspicious Gravel and Suspicious Sand blocks, ensuring their proper representation.
  • An issue causing crashes when placing an End Crystal in The End has been resolved.
  • The recent update addresses the problem of the shield intersecting with the Armor Stand model during the riposte pose.
  • Resolved an issue of disappearing boats on ice when Client-Side Chunk-Generation was enabled.
  • The effects of fog and underwater have been changed to the camera position.
  • Resolved an issue of spy glasses frame and 1st person appearance.
  • Despawn rate issue mobs during night have been fixed to normal.
  • Addressed an issue of Camel walking animations when taking damage.
  • Fixed an issue when Sniffer dig-up seeds in the air.
  • Now, players can build a Bamboo Raft without a shovel.


In this update, the developers of Minecraft have fixed irritating bugs that were encountered in the previous version, introduced a new beautiful biome known as Mangrove swamp, unlocked recipes and made many other changes to the cube world. Moreover, you can download this version without spending a dime, from the link above.

Cherry grove is the most famous and beautiful biome in the cube world.

For detecting vibration.

Clay fragments, music discs can be found in excavations.