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Download Minecraft apk free on Android, compatible with Xbox Live: Discover new plants, meet with Sniffer, explore new structure Ruins of Tails and more. 

What is New in Minecraft Update? 

Minecraft Bedrock, the latest update of Trails and Tales, is released by Mojang Studio. You can download it for free on your Android devices. If you are a Minecraft fan, you might be aware that the game developers constantly strive to introduce new mobs, add additional features, and make various improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience.  In this update, the developers have introduced new plants such as the Torch Flower, Pitcher Plant, and Cherry Blossom. They have also added new features, enhanced audio and weather effects, addressed frustrating bugs, and made numerous other improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience. 

Trail Ruins 

Ruins of tails is the rare structure that is introduced in the Trails and Tales update. The place is made up with different colors of Terracotta blocks and Provides a dedicated space for immersive archaeological experiences. Suspicious Gravels also exist here,you can find it by digging in this place. 

Cherry Grove 

Cherry grove is a beautiful place in Minecraft PE, where you find pink petals, cherrywood and foliage. Additionally, there are some mobs that you will see walking around in this place like sheeps and pigs. 


Sniffer is not only a beautiful mob in Minecraft, but it can be useful to players. For example, this mob can help you in finding ancient seeds and can be used as a guard. To find this mob you must find suspicious sand blocks which are usually available within warm ocean ruins. 


Here are some plants which were introduced in the latest version of Trails and Tales update:  Torch Flower: This is the new type of lighting source plant, which is commonly found within the overworld. It provides warm and soft light. The players can craft this plant in Torch-Flower Bulbs.  Pitcher Plant: This is the second type of new plant that was added to the game. Players will see this plant in most areas of the cube-world. It has many features like you can use it as a trap for killing mobs, collecting honey or water.  Cherry Blossom: The Cherry Grove biome is home to this particular tree, and players can utilize it to produce a variety of items, including cherry leaves, cherry wood, and cherry blossoms. Moreover, you craft it in Cherry Blossom Petals. 

Weather/Audio Repositioning 

This particular feature is designed with the purpose of improving the visual and auditory perception of the environment. After enabling this feature, you will see huge changes in the audio and weather effects. 

Bug Fixes:  

  • The developers have improved the user experience of on-screen keyboard on Xbox.¬†
  • Modified the alignment of the character model while swimming.¬†
  • Changes have been made to food consumption and projectile release while in flight or crawling.¬†
  • Suffocation issues occurring while riding or crouching have been resolved.¬†
  • Now, the player can‚Äôt crouch while riding.¬†
  • Interactions differ between automatic crouching and manual crouching.¬†
  • World generation during sculk is replaced by smooth deepslat.¬†
  • Torchberry and Pitcher Plant seeds are part of the villagers’ interactive behavior.¬†
  • Resolved the issue with water textures on the Cauldron.¬†
  • Dense Dirt takes more time to break with a shovel.¬†
  • Resolved the issue with block placement on Snow Layer and Tall Grass.¬†
  • An issue with the selection of blocks and the rendering of mob shadows, which could occur when wearing a pumpkin on the Switch platform, has been resolved.¬†
  • Corrected the issue of screen darkening that could occur during sleep.¬†
  • Endless jerk sounds of a Camel has been reduced.¬†
  • Inventory remains open after automatic setup.¬†

You will need amethyst shards and regular sculk blocks.

Using armor.

For armor decoration.