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Download Minecraft APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: new animations, explore Cherry Biome, Sniffer, and much more.

What’s New in Minecraft Beta

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the Minecraft Trails & Tales Update! The developers of Mojang have introduced a host of changes that promise to refresh your Minecraft experience. For instance, they have added new recipes to Cherry Biome and upgraded Steve’s movements with better animations, including seamless transitions from crawling to floating in water. Moreover, they have fixed bugs and improved aspects of the game.

Player Animation

In Minecraft, the developers have not only worked on bug fixes but also improved the animations of the game. Players notice that Steve’s monument animation has been changed, and he has received a new ability to crawl. The crawling feature is automatic; the player will now automatically start crawling when going through narrow places.

Ancient Seed

Minecraft players can find Ancient seeds in Cube world, typically found in the suspicious sand or gravel. Players can use a brush to clear suspicious sand or gravel to find seeds. Ancient seeds can be used to grow rare plants and flowers.

Bug fixes:

Ease of Use

  • A speaking feature now reads the disconnection message when you’re offline. 

Menus and Buttons

  • On iPhones, text editing is smoother now.
  • A button’s text was changed to make it clearer.
  • An issue where a visual effect covered the game menu was fixed.
  • A button was added to the “death” screen for better navigation. 

Item Problem

  • Fixed a bug where certain containers didn’t work well with slots. 


  • Animals and objects don’t float above certain snowy blocks anymore. 


  • Special blocks can now be properly highlighted and broken again. 


  • The breathing meter now fills up when you swim with your head above water.
  • You can now crawl under low spaces without any special settings. 

Unlocking Recipes

  • You can choose to unlock crafting recipes when starting a new game.
  • A command’s phrasing for giving crafting recipes was improved. 

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue where Xbox didn’t warn about low storage space. 

Technical Changes

  • Some technical settings were streamlined and improved.
  • Certain wearable items work better now.
  • Tools’ special digging abilities were adjusted.
  • Tools now work more smoothly with different containers. 

Advanced Features

  • Controlling cameras in the game became simpler.
  • Improvements were made to how scores are handled.
  • Various adjustments were made to classes and events. 

Crawling animation has appeared in MCPE .

The player will start swimming.

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