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Download Minecraft APK free for android with working Xbox Live: Customize armor, explore new biomes, find items and much more.

Minecraft Trails and Tales Update

Get ready to explore some of the awesome things you can now do in Minecraft Mojang developers have released the latest update of Minecraft. They’ve fixed many issues and added cool new features to make the game more enjoyable. Now, players can buy items with villagers at affordable prices. They can grow new plants in the Cube world. Additionally, a new option called crawling has been added to the game.


In the field of archaeology, assistance can be provided to the character by certain creatures in Minecraft For example, players can use the sniffer to seeds like torchlight seeds and some other seeds. Players will not even need to tame it. Additionally, players can grow mobs by themselves. To grow mobs, the first player will have to find an egg and place it in a secure area with suitable conditions like grass and water. Allow time for the egg to hatch and provide necessary items for growth while ensuring protection from harm.

Armor Templates

In Minecraft, players can customize their armor according to their desire. To customize the armor, players will need templates, which are mostly found in the Trail Ruins. Then, you can use them to make your armor colorful. Moreover, these changes only make the armor look different. They don’t change how it works.

Cherry biome

If you are a fan of adventure, this update is for you. The developers have added a new beautiful and peaceful biome called Cherry Blossom. This biome is typically found in the first layer of mountains. If we talk about its appearance, it is the most beautiful and peaceful biome in the Cube world ever introduced. It’s lime green grass, full of cherry trees with pink leaves. Additionally, players will encounter rabbits, bees, and orange temperate variant frogs there.


The developers have added a crawling feature to the game. Now, players can use this option to move through tight spaces. This option makes players less visible to the dangerous mobs, and it doesn’t reduce the player’s speed. Moreover, while using this feature, the player can not attack; in water, it will make you swim, and it can be used to fit through one block gap.

 Bug fixes


  • Strays now have the correct bow firing sound.
  • Proper equipment sounds when switching armor pieces.
  • Music tracks play correctly in the game menu.
  • Shields now produce sound when equipped.


  • Stonecutter no longer drops items with the wrong tool.
  • Pickaxe can quickly mine Pistons and Sticky Pistns.
  • Redstone Repeater no longer disrupts water flow.
  • Differentiated “concrete_powder” block instances.
  • The camera passes through Glass, Glass Panes, and Iron Bars.


  • Rapid crafting by long-pressing crafting output.
  • Adjusted item crafting rate when long-pressing.
  • Better text reflection for the sleeping game rule.
  • Skipped the sleep animation with the game rule set to 0.
  • Proper night skipping with non-sleeping players.
  • There is no entry into End ortals from the beds below. 


  • Fixed UI removal on repeated ‘Esc’ press.
  • Resolved unresponsive server with surrounded Ghasts.
  • There is no crash when placing items into full stacks.


  • Corrected text updates while backspacing.
  • Full Keyboard Gameplay support on iOS and Android.
  • There is no death screen with immediate respawn.
  • Display fix for names with parentheses.
  • Sound when switching Book and Quill pages.
  • A clear search bar button was added.
  • No text deletion after cursor on Xbox.
  • Darkened background while using Smithing Table UI.


  • Villagers won’t gain professions while sleeping.
  • Aligned Shulker Box Redstone signals with Java Edition.
  • Ice and snow formation is controlled by random ticks.
  • Fixed Raid boss bar depletion issue.
  • The camera now passes through Glass, Glass Panes, and Iron Bars.

With Torchflowers.

Yes, you can change your armor in MCPE by equipping different armor pieces from your inventory onto your character’s armor slots.

You can place petals as decorative blocks or use them in crafting recipes