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Download Minecraft APK free for android with working Xbox Live account: Trading with villagers, new crawling option and much more.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Mojang Team has released the latest version, Minecraft In this update, they have made many improvements to the game. For instance, they have Enhanced the behavior of certain characters and additional useful game functions and introduced new archaeological excavations, which can help find unique items. Some mobs will help players to find archaeological items. Additionally, they have added a unique village type, but there are no inhabitants. Moreover, the developers have improved other aspects of the game with bug fixes and shortcomings.

Archaeological Items

In Minecraft update, the players can embark on exciting expeditions and uncover the mysteries of the past. Suspicious sand or gravel blocks indicate potential archaeological sites. Players can use a special brush tool to clean these blocks. To craft pots, players will need Four pottery shards. Once you have it, you can easily craft pots. Additionally, Each pottery sherd has a unique pattern.

Trading options

In the latest Minecraft update, Some villagers are librarians. They hold the key to enchantments that enhance your equipment. Players can Engage in trades with them. They are offering a wider range of items at more affordable prices. For this reason, it’s recommended to visit villages with different characteristics.


Mojang developers have added an option to the Minecraft world called Crawling. Crawling animation makes the character more alive. Using this option makes Steve less visible. Players can use this feature to hide from hostile mobs.


  • Pigs emit sounds when becoming Zombified Piglins.
  • Shears carving Pumpkins produce sound.
  • Hoglins have unique sounds when transforming into Zoglins.
  • Consistent sound for items dropped into Lava.
  • There is no sound for Netherite items dropped into Lava.
  • Snow Golems sound when throwing Snowballs.
  • Husks produce sounds during underwater conversion.

Sculk vibrations: 

  • Collecting aquatic creatures with buckets emits precise vibrations.
  • Applying a Nametag results in vibration.
  • Evokers summoning Vexes or Fangs emit vibrations.
  • Laying eggs by chickens, turtles, and frogs generates vibrations.
  • Using Bone Meal releases vibrations.
  • Sculk Sensors and Shriekers are no longer overactivated with stuck projectiles.
  • Chiseled Bookshelves vibrate when Hoppers insert books (MCPE-168887).
  • Extinguishing Fire produces vibrations.
  • Vehicle mounting/dismounting emits vibrations.
  • Rabbits eating Carrot crops cause vibrations.
  • Foxes eating Sweet Berry Bushes create vibrations.
  • Unequipping armor generates distinct vibrations.
  • Placing itms like Banners, Bamboo Saplings, Mob Heads, and Lily Pads emits vibrations.
  • Placing Frogspawn and Sea Pickles emits vibrations.
  • Adding a Turtle Egg matches placing block vibrations

Sniffer finds ancient seeds for the player.


Templates can be found in Trail Ruins.