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Download Minecraft PE 1.18.2 Wild update on apk on android with working Xbox Live: new blocks, Acoustic sensor, Shriker, Catalyst and more

What’s new Minecraft 1.18.2?

The Mojang team continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the cube world, constantly improving the gameplay experience with each new update.

This latest Minecraft 1.18.2 update brings excitement to the game with a new experimental Wild Update mode, Sculk blocks, Soulful Music, and many more features to explore. That is sure to entertain new and old players alike.

Wild update

In each new update, the Mojang team brings new features to the game to engage the players. This time, The developers have added Wild mode in the Minecraft PE 1.18.2 update. Players can conveniently switch to this mode from settings. In this mode, the player gets unlimited Rock-blocks in their inventory and can use them without limitations. Moreover, The dark effect is also added, and the players can expect new content in the features.

Sculk blocks

Sculk blocks were introduced in the Minecraft live event in 2020. There are a variety of blocks in the sculk family, but the most useful blocks are acoustic sensors, catalysts, and shriekers. These blocks are special in their unique look and properties. Moreover, the players can easily find Sculk blocks in the deep dark cave.

Acoustic sensor

Each block in the sculk family has different features. Acoustic sensor blocks have exceptional sound sensitivity; They can capture various noises and transmit signals.


This Shriker works as a trigger for awakening the warden. Whenever the player makes a noise near, The sensor detects the noise and starts transmitting signals. The Shriker receives the signals and adds to the warning level for the fourth time, triggering the warden.


To find the Catalyst block, you can explore the deep dark biomes where it’s usually found along with other sculk blocks. Alternatively, you can also create the Catalyst yourself.


In MCPE 1.18.2 update, The developers have added new tunes to the game store. You can easily add it to your main menu and listen to your favorite song during the game.

Bug fixes:

  • The issue that cave vines could generate in the air or through walls.
  • The bug where spore blossoms would not spawn in lush caves.
  • Fixed a bug where bundles could not be placed on the underside of blocks.
  • The bug where some items could not be removed from the inventory using the Hotbar.
  • Crashing issue when opening the crafting book with certain language settings.
  • Now, the player can use crossbows or bows when sneaking in water.
  • Fixed a bug where powder snow would not make a sound when a player or mob fell into it.

No, there are no new mobs or animals in this update.

You can collect the powder snow in a bucket.

Yes, you can transfer your game world to another device.