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Download Minecraft 1.19.11 APK for free on Android, compatible with Xbox Live: Take advantage of new features of blocks, get assessed by Allay with new features, and much more.

Minecraft 1.19.11 Release (Wild Update)

Minecraft PE 1.19.11 is released by Mojang Studio. In this update, the developers have worked on the different aspects of the game. Such as, they have fixed some frustrating bugs, added new features to the Allay, improved gameplay experience, made additions to blocks,  and made other changes to the game which you can explore after downloading Minecraft 1.19.11 APK.


Allay is an adorable and friendly creature, which was introduced for the first time in 2021. This creature was selected by Minecraft apk players in the Minecraft Live mob vote. It’s blue color, cubby body and can fly in the air. If you wish to find this cute creature, you must go to the Lush cave biomes, which is the only place where they are usually found. Allay is a friendly mob that follows player  around and assists him  in the game. If the player gives an item to it, the Allay will start collecting the same items from the ground in a radius of 32 blocks and give them to the player. If you want this mob to assist you, all you need to do is give it an item and it will start helping you.


Warden, the most scary and dangerous mob in Minecraft, has received new additions in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.11 update. The sensitivity of this mob is increased by the developer, which means that the Warden has become stronger than before. Now, the players need to be more careful while exploring Ancient city, because when it notices Steve, With each passing moment, his anger will build up until it reaches its peak, at which point he will  attack the player.


Many users have evaluated and applied the Mongrave wood. In Minecraft 1.19.11, players can use it to craft buildings, schools, saddles, doors, boats and much more. There are many other useful resources which can be found  in the Mangrove swamps and can be used for different purposes. Such as Mud blocks, which can be used for brick bases which help you to build a shelter for yourself easily. Additionally, Mud can be used to plant berry bushes.

Discover the Ancient City

A mysterious and intriguing location awaits players in Minecraft PE 1.19.11 – the Ancient City. You can access it by venturing into the Deep Dark biome, where abandoned castles and hidden treasures await. Don’t forget to explore the Sculk Patch while you’re there. Moreover, entering the Nether portal no longer damages the player, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Bug Fixes in MCPE 1.19.11

Here are some bugs that the developers have fixed, which were encountered in Minecraft 1.17.10:
  • Mob loading bug is no more that could occur when the spawn height Y plus or equal to 25.
  • Fixed a texture rendering bug that could occur using RTX on Windows.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Command Blocks to fail saving on Realms when a Command Block Alias was not specified.
  • Resolved mobs rendering bug that could occur using RTX on Windows..
  • Fixed an issue where suspended accounts were unable to play local worlds or interact with menus on Xbox platforms.


The developers of Minecraft 1.19.11 have made significant improvements, including fixing frustrating bugs, introducing the adorable Allay creature, enhancing gameplay mechanics, and expanding the range of available blocks. Additionally, they have fixed some annoying bugs that were encountered in the previous versions. So, download the game and enjoy it with a much better experience. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience with this update.

culk Blocks add depth to the game and are a key feature in the Ancient City, offering new possibilities and interactions.

Allay has the ability to collect items.