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 Download the latest updates in Minecraft PE APK, including new blocks, items, and bug fixes. Download the APK for Android and dive into exciting adventures in the world of Minecraft!

What’s New in Minecraft PE

Blocks in Minecraft

In the exciting world of Minecraft PE, a new invisible block called the Barrier takes center stage. This unique block can’t be found in regular gameplay modes but can be obtained using special commands. It’s a handy tool for map creators, allowing them to control where players can explore in their maps. Don’t worry, this invisible barrier won’t disrupt the look of your creations!


In this version, some familiar items and systems have undergone exciting changes. Explosive TNT no longer harms players or creatures when detonated underwater. Repairing elytra, your wings in the game, now requires a phantom membrane dropped by phantoms, not just leather. Moreover, Nintendo Switch users can now join public servers, connecting with other Minecraft PE players for multiplayer adventures. The update also brings new items, potions, and a host of bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience!

New Additions

Meet the Phantom Membrane, a new item dropped by Phantoms. It’s used to repair elytra and craft potions, including the Slow Fall Potion, granting you a graceful descent and extending your jump length.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Countless bugs have been squashed in this version! From preventing game crashes to making sure Phantoms’ eyes stay visible even when they’re invisible, these fixes aim to make your Minecraft journey smoother.


Minecraft PE brings exciting additions, changes, and bug fixes, offering players and creators new tools and possibilities for adventures in the blocky world!

The Barrier block can only be obtained using special commands like /give in this version.

The Phantom Membrane is essential for repairing elytra, crafting potions, and ensuring safe descents with the Slow Fall Potion.

Yes! The update allows Nintendo Switch users to join public servers and play with other players on various platforms.