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Download Minecraft 1.20.60 APK free. Explore new items: copper, tuff, and others. Dare to take part in new dangerous Trial Chambers and scary mobs!   Tip: Look for naturally generated structures like villages, temples, and dungeons for loot. 

Minecraft PE 1.20.60: New Features and Adventures! 

Welcome to the new and exciting world of Minecraft 1.20.60. Go on the most exciting adventures, explore the beauty of the terrains, and be creative with new kinds of blocks and mobs! We will explain to readers the latest features, which mainly include copper and tuff blocks, dangerous Trial Chambers, and dangerous Breeze mobs. So, let’s start unfolding the open world of Minecraft PE apk. 

Copper in Minecraft 1.20.60 

Minecraft1.20.60 latest released Tales and Trails update one Versatile Resource The addition of copper stands out. All the said blocks offer a huge variety of uses, from making doors and trapdoors to detailed decoration. You can even get perfect copper blocks using a stonecutter, aiding in elevating the building experience. In those cases, it must be mentioned that copper grates do not still wax if you apply wax on them.  Tip: Incorporate lighting into your build to make it more visually appealing and functional. 


Building and Decoration Another exciting addition to the latest version 1.20.60 is tjson. Tjson’s tuff bricks serve as a strong and perfect foundation for your constructions. At the same time, tjson’s other blocks do not have any functional purposes and are only for the sake of beauty, making your buildings more stylistic. There will be many more tuff patterns at your disposal as you experiment with tjson crafted in a stonecutter in Minecraft PE apk. 

Trial Chambers 

Conjsonhjg the Depths Explore the perilous labyrinth of the Trial Chambers, an underground maze bristling with deadly traps and perplexing puzzles. Prepare to face the menacing Breeze—a hostile mob capable of unleashing powerful gusts of wind.  Tip: Gather materials to craft torches, weapons, and tools before embarking on long journeys. 


gusts are strong enough to damage blocks and can knock players off their feet in Minecraft 1.20.60. Inside the trial chambers, completely redesigned spawners wait only for the strongest of adventurers, spawning hostile creatures to fight against with exciting combat and epic loot chances. 

Decorative Pots 

Added with the feature of archeology, these are exotic items that enable players to show off items with flair and turn their surroundings into something very personal.  Tip: Use contrasting materials to add visual interest and depth to your structures. 


Minecraft PE 1.20.60 comes with a treasure of things new and challenges for the players to enjoy. Now, with the versatility and courage that can only come from copper and tuff blocks, things that would have inspired even the treacherous depths of Trial Chambers, it’s time to set out in the fabled world of blocks and have adventures of your own. Let your mind run wild, free, and take risks with dangers, making your world with MCPE 1.20.60. 

The Trial Sp Spawner is a new modification of the spawner found in Minecraft PE. It will, for the most part, spawn according to the number of players in proximity, giving rewards after killing the monsters spawned.

While a tuff block can either be found within the Trial Chambers in great quantities or crafted using a crafting table and a stonecutter, copper blocks can be designed with a stone cutter.

In the world of Minecraft 1.20.60, the Breeze mob can open not only doors but also hatches and gates.