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What’s New in Minecraft APK?

Good news for all Minecraft apk fans. Minecraft is now available! This new version comes with exciting updates and fixes for five pesky bugs. Let’s dive into what’s been improved:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fewer Departures in Minecraft You’ll experience fewer times when the game unexpectedly closes while playing in Minecraft Realms.
  • No More Item Duplication: Switching between slots during gameplay won’t duplicate items anymore. Everything stays just as it should!
  • Emotions Display Fixed: When you’re trying on different looks in the Dressing Room, the open and closed emotions will now show up correctly.
  • PlayStation Plus Requirements: All the important PlayStation Plus requirements will now properly display when logging into the servers.
  • Fixed Indicator in Minecraft The Minecraft indicator ‘random_ticking’ is back in action, so the game works smoothly again.
Exciting, right? These fixes make playing Minecraft on your Android device even better!


Minecraft PE APK for Android brings some great fixes which make your gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable. Dive into the game, explore, and build to your heart’s content!

MCPE brings fixes for five bugs, including improvements in Realms, stopping item duplication, and displaying emotions accurately in the Dressing Room.

Yes, you can! This update supports Xbox Live accounts, allowing you to enjoy the game with your Xbox Live credentials.

Go to the getmcpe.com and downloadd the latest minecraft version.