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Download Minecraft 1.20.23 apk free for android the Trails and Tales Update. Experience the thrill of archaeology, craft unique shields, and explore dynamic new biomes loaded with fresh resources and intriguing creatures.  Tip: Plan your buildings ahead of time by sketching them out or using creative mode to test ideas. 

Minecraft 1.20.23: Explore the Trails and Tales Update 

Minecraft 1.20.23 is finally ready to download. The developers at Mojang have introduced a host of enthralling new items and features in this version that are sure to delight every player. Whether you’re crafting customizable shields or digging through the layers of history in archaeology, this update promises a plethora of exciting new adventures. 

Customizable Shields  

Unleash your creativity with customizable shields now available in Minecraft PE 1.20.23. Inspired by the Java edition, this feature allows players to combine shields and banners to craft their own unique designs. Please note, this function is available only for shields that currently have no patterns.  Tip: Choose a theme or style for your build to maintain consistency throughout. 

Archaeological Excavations  

Embark on an archaeological quest to uncover hidden treasures within Minecraft. Equipped with a brush, explore specific areas to find artifacts buried under layers of suspicious sand and gravel. These artifacts, like intricately patterned pottery shards, can be assembled into decorative pots. 

Cherry Wood in Minecraft 1.20.23 

Discover the vibrant Cherry Wood Biome, a colorful new environment in Minecraft PE 1.20.23 APK. Known for its distinctive flowering trees, this biome provides cherry wood used in crafting doors, fences, and signs. Remember to collect the pink petals that fall from the trees for use in dye production. 

Innovation in Blocks and Items  

Find an array of new blocks and items, including sensors that can detect different signals and vibrations. These can be crafted from amethysts and sculk sensors at a crafting table. The update also introduces enhanced hanging signs that make text editing easier after placement.  Tip: Experiment with different block combinations to find what works best for your build. 

The Enigmatic Sniffer  

Minecraft 1.20.23 open up opportunities for player to Meet newly added mobs like Sniffer which a fascinating new addition to the Trails and Tales update. This friendly creature excels in finding plant seeds, aiding players in their quest for ancient seeds throughout Minecraft APK. Sniffers are programmed to remember which blocks they have checked, preventing any redundant excavations. 

Enhancements and Changes  

The Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.23 is now more aligned with the Java version, featuring adjustments like varying snow layer heights and improved interactions between gravel, sand, and boats. Players can also get cherry saplings from wandering traders, enhancing consistency across different platforms.  Tip: Always carry a map and compass to keep track of your surroundings. 

Bug Fixes 

Enjoy a smoother gaming experience with 25 resolved bugs, spanning from audio fixes to gameplay improvements. Noteworthy updates include better crawling mechanics and optimized mouse use on the Xbox: 
  • Addressed issue where mobs would spawn inside blocks. 
  • Fixed bug causing players to fall through the world when exiting boats. 
  • Improved hitbox detection for melee attacks. 
  • Addressed issue with texture transparency on leaves and foliage. 
  • Implemented better texture filtering for sharper textures. 


Minecraft PE 1.20.23 invites you to dive into a realm of excitement, exploration, and endless creativity. Whether you’re unveiling ancient artifacts or designing personalized shields, there’s something in this update for every type of adventurer in Minecraft world. 

Cherry saplings are available for purchase from wandering traders within the game.

The Sniffer enhances the exploration experience by helping players discover rare plant seeds.

Popular styles include medieval, modern, fantasy, and minimalist. Each style has its own aesthetic and design principles.