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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.20 APK free for android, featuring Trails and Tales for Android with Xbox Live. Explore new biomes, mobs, and customization options for an enriched gameplay experience.  Tip: Build temporary shelters as you explore to have safe places to rest. 

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20.20 Update?  

Unveil the latest additions and bug fixes that enhance your gaming experience. The developers have listened to player feedback and fine-tuned the game for a smoother journey. 

Structures and Biomes:  

Minecraft 1.20.20 Players can now embark on a journey to the Trail Ruins, where ancient mysteries await. These ruins have undergone changes over the generations, promising a more captivating experience. Delve into customization with armor templates found within these structures.  Tip: Dive underwater to search for hidden treasures in ocean ruins and shipwrecks. 

Mobs in Minecraft 1.20.20 

Sniffer, the most liked mob in cubic world almost every player know this creator which is designed to assist Minecraft pe apk players in their quest for treasures. This creature’s keen sense of smell helps locate valuable seeds, adding a delightful twist to exploration. 


The update is not only about Mobs and items but also you will encounter new flora such as the torch flower and pitcher crops which can be used both aesthetic charm and practical use. Minecraft players can Experiment with these plants to craft unique items and dyes, expanding your creative possibilities.  Tip: Build your shelter before nightfall to avoid being attacked by mobs. 

Shields and Armor 

Minecraft pe 1.20.20 gamers can now craft personalized shields and delve into intricate armor customization which adds a new layer of fun to the game and even players can Seek out templates scattered across Trail Ruins to create distinctive gear tailored to your style. 


Equip yourself with essential tools like brushes for archaeological excavations in Minecraft PE 1.20.20 world. Players can use these tools to clean suspicious blocks and discover pottery shards, laying the groundwork in cube world for decorative crafting.  Tip: Mine for resources strategically, focusing on valuable ores like iron and diamonds. 

Sculk Sensors 

Experience enhanced Minecraft APK gameplay with improved sculk sensors, now featuring three phases for detecting vibrations. Players can Utilize this resource to uncover hidden secrets and navigate the MCPE game world with precision. 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Enhanced underwater visibility for better gameplay experience. 
  • Optimized resource consumption for smoother gameplay on low-end devices. 
  • Tweaked hunger mechanics to provide a more balanced survival experience. 
  • Corrected texture stretching issues on certain blocks. 
  • Fixed graphical artifacts appearing on water surfaces. 
  • Optimized rendering of transparent blocks for smoother visuals. 


Minecraft PE 1.20.20 delivers an immersive gaming experience with exciting new features and optimizations. Venture into the Trails and Tales update to uncover ancient secrets, cultivate new plants, and embark on thrilling adventures with friends. 

Trail Ruins are ancient structures with revamped generation, offering unique challenges and rewards for adventurous players.

The Sniffer mob aids players by locating valuable seeds, enhancing the exploration aspect of the game.

Torchflowers and pitcher crops serve multiple purposes, from attracting Sniffers to crafting dyes and items for customization.