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Explore Minecraft PE with new aquatic mobs, precious items, and exciting features. Discover dolphins, heart of the sea mechanics, and alchemy enhancements. Download now for an immersive gameplay experience.

What’s New in Minecraft PE APK?

In the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition APK , while awaiting major updates like the Aquatic and Chemistry Update, some intriguing elements have surfaced. Among these are the Heart of the Sea, an exceedingly rare discovery found solely in buried treasure chests, and the Nautilus shell, soon to be linked to crafting the Conduit.

Heart of the Sea & Nautilus Shells

Though the Heart and Shell lack immediate purpose in Minecraft PE, their presence holds promise for future combinations and new functionalities.

New Faces in the Waters

Adding depth to the game’s waters are the newly introduced marine beings. Dolphins gracefully inhabit non-frozen oceans, becoming a common sight amidst the updated aquatic environments.

Dolphins: Swift & Unpredictable

These neutral creatures present no threat unless provoked in MCPE Frequently seen in groups, they exhibit an unpredictable nature and may trail players during boat journeys.

Sunken Ruins & Chemistry Update Features

The impending Update Aquatic unfolds with sunken ruins emerging in various water bodies, offering treasure-filled chests to adventurous explorers. Furthermore, elements from the Chemistry Update, accessible via Experimental Gameplay, introduce diverse features like colored torches, hardened glass, and underwater glow sticks emitting light.

Dolphin Dynamics

Their presence brings a touch of unpredictability, leaping out for air and occasionally engaging players during voyages across the oceans, except the frozen ones.

Trident Weaponry

This new weapon, wielded by drowned mobs, adds both close-combat and long-range capabilities, delivering significant damage to opponents.

Nautilus Shell’s Significance

A key item instrumental in crafting the conduit, obtainable through various means, albeit with varying effectiveness.

Notewaorthy Changes

This version teems with aquatic enhancements. The Mojang team revamped water textures, introducing underwater ruins, dolphins, and the intriguing Heart of the Sea mechanics.

Potions & Alchemy

New potions like antidotes and tonics expand gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, offering remedies for poisoning and nausea.

In this version, the Heart of the Sea isn’t available in survival mode. It can only be obtained through creative mode or by trading with other players.

Dolphins cannot be tamed in Minecraft. However, players can interact with them by feeding them raw fish, which may lead the dolphins to guide players to nearby treasure.

In Minecraft, the Nautilus shell is used in crafting the Conduit. To craft a Conduit, players need Nautilus shells and certain other materials arranged in a specific pattern.