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Discover the latest features and updates in Minecraft PE 1.15.0, including new enchantments, and game stability improvements. Delve into exciting additions like 3D models and NPC mobs, enhancing your gaming experience. 

What’s New in Minecraft 1.15.0 Buzzy Bees update? 

Minecraft players have eagerly awaited updates to their beloved game, and while The latest update Minecraft PE 1.15.0 (Buzzy Bees) released by Mojang Developers which might not be the Nether Update Players hoped for, it brings significant enhancements to Minecraft world. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest additions, focusing on Bug Fixes, along with exciting new features and improvements in game. 

Notable Innovations in Minecraft PE 1.15.0 

Let’s explore the exciting features introduced in this update: 
  1. 3D Models: Players can now view dropped items in 3D, adding depth and immersion to the gaming experience. 
  2. Enchantment: Curse of Binding I: This new enchantment allows players to enchant armor, pumpkins, and elytra, adding a layer of customization to their gear. 
  3. Boat-Cactus Interaction: Similar to the Java version, boats now interact with cacti, shaking and eventually breaking upon contact. 

New Blocks from Education Edition 

Version 1.15.0 introduces new blocks from the Education Edition, adding depth to gameplay. These include: 
  1. Border: Prevents players from passing over or under it, enhancing level design possibilities.  
  2. Deny: Blocks placement and breaking above it.  
  3. Allow: Allows both placement and breaking of blocks above it. 

Non-Player Character (NPC) Mob  

The addition of NPC mobs from the Education Edition adds versatility to gameplay. These static characters resemble villagers but offer customizable interfaces, including name, dialogue, appearance, and advanced settings. 

New Character Movements  

Players can now enjoy new character animations in the Character Editor, adding personality and flair to their avatars. 

Further Enhancements  

In subsequent updates like 1.15.0, developers continue to refine the game’s performance and address player feedback. Notable improvements include: 
  • Resolving game-breaking crashes. 
  • Correcting Marketplace ratings display issues. 
  • Adjusting the behavior of hostile mobs towards turtle eggs. 
  • Restoring health points for wolves fed with meat. 
  • Ensuring proper XP inheritance for Cured Zombie Villagers. 
  • Fine-tuning the destruction caused by Ender Dragon Fireballs. 
  • Enhancing block mechanics, such as hopper minecart drops and honey block crafting. 

Bug Fixes 

Bug Fixes address various issues, enhancing the game’s stability and performance. Minecraft Bedrock has historically faced performance challenges, but Mojang’s efforts seek to rectify this, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. Some notable changes are listed below: 
  • Gates and pumpkins can now be placed without supports. 
  • Eye of Ender particles resemble those in Minecraft PE. 
  • Conduit power functions during rain. 
  • Improved terrain generation under giant spruce trees. 
  • Flowers can be obtained from pots without breaking them. 
  • Damaged bows can be used when crafting dispensers. 
  • Reduction in crashes, enhancing overall stability. 
  • Improved transitions between water and land. 
  • Fishing rod no longer slows down player movement while running. 


Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.15.0 brings significant strides towards game stability. With exciting new features like 3D models and NPC mobs, alongside crucial bug fixes, players can expect a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, updates like 1.15.0 further refine performance and address community feedback, ensuring Minecraft remains a vibrant and dynamic world for players to explore. 

Java Parity aims to align the features and content of Minecraft Bedrock Edition with its Java counterpart, ensuring consistent updates and gameplay experiences across platforms.

ey improvements include 3D models, new enchantments, boat-cactus interactions, NPC mobs, and game stability enhancements through bug fixes.

Yes, you can tame a horse by repeatedly trying to ride it until hearts appear, then right-click to mount.