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Explore the exciting additions in Minecraft, including unique copper and tuff blocks. Automate crafting with the crafter block and enjoy bug fixes for a smoother gaming experience. Unleash your creativity in the Minecraft world.

New Features in Minecraft

Minecraft developers have brought an array of exciting additions in Minecraft update, promising to delight both seasoned players and newcomers. Discover new materials and blocks with distinct properties and expand your crafting possibilities.

Copper Blocks

Minecraft Pocket Edition introduces a range of unique copper blocks. Each type of block serves a different function but shares some common properties:
  • Chiseled Copper: Obtainable using a stone cutter, players can create chiseled copper blocks by combining two copper plates with the same oxidation level.
  • Bulb: This new light source can brighten any room. However, it’s worth noting that the light dims as the block oxidizes. Crafting one requires Redstone dust, a blaze rod, and three copper blocks.
  • Grate: Crafted from four copper blocks, the grate is transparent, allowing light to shine through. Plus, hostile mobs cannot spawn on it.
  • Doors and Trapdoors: Similar to their wooden counterparts, these copper blocks may oxidize over time. You’ll need copper blocks with the same oxidation level to craft them.

Tuff Blocks

To create various tuff blocks in Minecraft, you’ll need a stone cutter. These blocks include stairs, walls, slabs, and chiseled variants.

Crafter Block

For those looking to streamline the crafting process in Minecraft, the crafter block is a godsend. This block works in tandem with Redstone, enabling you to automate various crafting tasks.

New Recipes

To make life easier, the developers have added recipes for several blocks, including copper blocks, doors, and trapdoors in various forms, as well as tuff blocks. These additions are part of the Experimental Mode.


The update includes several changes to enhance your gameplay experience:
  • The ability to offer items from the Dressing Room on servers.
  • The parameter “query.is_moving” now determines the player’s vertical movement in Minecraft.
  • Enjoy an updated main menu and world creation menu.

Bug Fixes

Minecraft also addresses various issues to provide a smoother gaming experience. Some notable fixes include:
  • Chorus Fruit now gets destroyed by non-disappearing projectiles.
  • Calcite is obtainable in Creative mode or through commands.
  • The switch in the inventory retains its position after restarting the game.
  • Flying players no longer slow down upon touching the ground.
  • Players using touch controls can now crouch in water.
These bug fixes and improvements aim to enhance your gaming experience in Minecraft.


Minecraft’s update introduces unique materials and blocks like copper and tuff, along with the versatile crafter block. Craft your structures, light your world, and explore the countless possibilities these new additions bring to the game.

To craft chiseled copper blocks, use a stone cutter with two copper plates of the same oxidation level.

Copper bulbs serve as a new light source for your rooms and structures.

Yes, the crafter block allows you to automate crafting processes with the help of Redstone.