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Download Minecraft PE APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: new biomes, and adorable Sniffer mob and bug fixes.

Minecraft Explore Trails & Tales

Introduction: In the ever-evolving Minecraft world, the Tales and Trails Update keeps getting better! Minecraft PE is the latest adventure, offering players a chance to dive into a world of customization, unique plants, and amazing structures. Let’s uncover what’s new in this exciting version.

Discover Beautiful Biomes

Take a stroll through the picturesque Cherry Grove biome in minecraft Adorned with blooming trees, this biome not only captivates with its beauty but also provides valuable resources. Crafters can find cherry blocks for building and fashion items from this charming wood.

Unearth the Secrets of Trail Ruins

Trail Ruins is a place brimming with ancient mysteries. Beneath its blocks lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Dig deep, and you might just unearth valuable artifacts to enrich your Minecraft journey.

Delve into the World of Archaeology

To embark on an archaeological adventure in Minecraft PE, be prepared with essential tools, especially the trusty brush. This tool cleans suspicious sand, often concealing precious artifacts like pottery shards. Collect four different elements to craft unique decorative pots for your virtual home.

Customize Armor and Shields

In this update, you have the power to personalize your armor and shields. Transform an ordinary shield into a unique masterpiece using banners. If you desire new armor, you’ll need a smithing table and templates to craft your ideal protection.

Meet the Adorable Sniffer

Introducing the Sniffer – an endearing mob with a knack for finding seeds. In minecraft, players can enlist the help of this charming creature to discover hidden seeds. However, Sniffers lose their abilities in water, so keep them on dry land for efficient searching. To raise a Sniffer, place its egg on a moss block, and watch it hatch in just 10 minutes.

Craft Easily

Crafting has become simpler and more accessible in minecraft Players can easily find recipes by typing keywords in the book, making the crafting process a breeze. Experiment with new combinations and create your own Minecraft masterpieces.

Discover Cherry Grove Cherry

Grove is a paradise within minecraft This stunning location offers resources galore, from trees for construction to pink petals for crafting colorful dyes. Keep an eye out for rabbits and pigs, which call this biome home.

Master the Art of Crawling

Crawling has now become a standard feature in Minecraft PE When you encounter obstacles, your character automatically starts crawling, allowing for stealthy and strategic movement in tight spots.

Changes in MCPE

  • When you release the on-screen joystick, the Sprint Button disappears.
  • The missing set settings button on the Create New World screen has been returned.
  • Added a new message about crashing out of the server.
  • An “Insert” button has been added to the Command Block menu.
  • Yellow messages on the main screen have been updated.
  • Added a switch that displays NPC names only when hovering.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Spawn Flags in new structures have been fixed.
  • Player textures and interface elements no longer turn pink after a long game on the server.
  • You can now see the inside of the Top Snow hen flying up on Elytras.
  • Name tags in Minecraft are no longer shifting.
  • Resuming the game does not result in crashes on Xbox.
  • The Sprint button no longer turns on even when standing still.
  • Enderman teleports within 32 blocks to prevent disappearing.
  • Gaps in messages have been fixed.
  • Cloud-synced worlds no longer get deleted when local worlds are deleted.  


With each update, Minecraft PE brings new adventures and endless possibilities. From crawling through obstacles to customizing items and uncovering ancient treasures, minecraft ensures that the game remains fresh and exciting. Join us in this remarkable journey through the Minecraft universe, where the world is your canvas, and your imagination knows no bounds.

The update brings new biomes, customizable items, archaeological elements, and an adorable Sniffer mob to assist players in finding seeds.

You can customize armor and shields using a smithing table and templates, allowing for unique designs.

To hatch a Sniffer, place its egg on a moss block and wait for it to hatch within 10 minutes.