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Download Minecraft PE APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: Discover new biomes, met with Camel and Sniffer.

Minecraft Beta

Experimental Features In Minecraft

  • Villager Trade Rebalancing Part 2: This means that the game is testing changes in how Minecraft players can trade with villagers. They want to make it more balanced and fun for everyone. It won’t affect normal worlds.
  • Cartographer: Cartographers now sell seven different maps. These maps lead to various villages or structures, helping players find special places easily.
  • Armorer: There are updates to the Armorer. To get diamond armor, players need to use both diamonds and emeralds. This makes it more challenging for beginners but gives an advantage to experienced players. Armorers also trade other items. 

Features and Bug Fixes in Minecraft PE

  • Accessibility: There are fixes to make the Minecraft APK more accessible for everyone. For example, issues with text-to-speech have been resolved.
  • Audio: Changes have been made to the game’s sounds. Guardians and Elder Guardians make sounds when out of water, and there are new sounds for Wither Skeleton heads on Note Blocks.
  • Gameplay: Various gameplay fixes, like players no longer getting hurt when falling from a great height in a boat.
  • General: Fixes and updates, including changes in how diagonal banner patterns are displayed on shields.

 Mobs in MCPE

  • Sniffer: Players can grow Sniffers, which are helpful in finding special seeds like Torchflowers. To get a Sniffer, you need to find its egg hidden in Trail Ruins.
  • Librarian: A librarian in villages can provide enchantments in exchange for emeralds.

Biomes and Structures:

  • Trail Ruins: This is an exciting place for players interested in archaeology. Here, you can find Sniffer eggs and smithing patterns.
  • Cherry Grove: This place has unique wood and petals that players can collect for crafting.

Items Minecraft APK:

  • Brushes: These items help players clean sand blocks and discover pottery sherds.
  • Decorative Pots: Players can craft decorative pots from ancient artifacts, although they don’t have any specific in-game functionality.

Game Improvements:

  • The game has become more stable, and developers have listened to player feedback to make it better.
  • The game has made progress over different versions from Minecraft Pocket Edition APK to the current one.
  • There are expectations of future trading features with mobs. 

Technical Side Improvements

The game takes into account player comments to make improvements and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Availability and Platforms

The game is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, Android  and iOS devices for players to try out the preview version. The beta version is available on Android through Getmcpe.com.

Structure Loot

Certain enchanted books are now more likely to appear in different structures, like Ancient Cities, Mineshafts, and more. This makes it easier for players to get powerful enchantments for their items.

Community Engagement

The game developers encourage players to share their feedback and ideas through aka.ms/MC120Feedback and report any bugs they encounter.

Download Information:

Players can download specific versions of the game, like Minecraft PE (mentioned in the first article) or Minecraft PE (mentioned in the second article).

Trading Functionality:

The latest version Minecraft PE APK plans to introduce trading features with mobs, offering players new ways to interact and trade with in-game characters.

Archeological Elements:

Minecraft Players can engage in archeological activities using items like brushes, which can clean sand blocks to reveal hidden pottery sherds.

Structural Elements:

Decorative pots can be crafted from ancient artifacts, adding a touch of decoration to the game.

Yes, you can customize your character with different skins.

Yes, there are mods available, but they might be more limited compared to the PC version.

Yes, you can tame various animals like wolves, cats, and horses. What’s the size of the worlds in Pocket Edition?