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Download Minecraft PE APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: Discover biomes, met with Sniffer and Camel.

Minecraft latest version (Trails & Tales)

Experimental Features of Minecraft

  • Villager Trade Rebalancing: The way villagers trade in Minecraft Beta has been adjusted to make the exchange of items more fair and balanced.
  • Explorer Maps Enhancement: Maps obtained from Cartographers now have an added feature. They can point to structures even in areas that Minecraft players have already explored, offering new opportunities for discovery.

Performance / Stability:

  • Crash Fix: A problem that could cause the game to crash in a specific location (Archold room in the Spellrune marketplace map) has been resolved, improving the overall stability of the game. 

Vanilla Parity:

  • Water Sounds Update: The sounds associated with water splashing have been changed in Minecraft PE APK, providing a more consistent experience between different platforms.
  • Boss Bar Color Match: The color of the boss bar on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) is now the same as in the Java Edition, enhancing visual consistency.
  • Camel Behavior Adjustments: Camels can no longer dash in dangerous places like Lava or Water, ensuring their safety.
  • Iron Golem Spawn Fix: Iron Golems no longer spawn in spaces that are too small, preventing them from suffocating. 


  • Arrow Effects Change: Minecraft Players will no longer be affected by arrow effects if they manage to block the arrow, making gameplay more strategic.
  • Village Storage Update: Villages in the End and Nether are no longer stored in the Overworld, improving the logical consistency of the game world.
  • Bucket Functionality Restoration: Buckets can once again remove water from waterlogged blocks unless fully submerged, restoring a useful feature.
  • Touch Controls Improvements: A sprint button has been added for Camels when using touch controls, enhancing navigation. The issue of the Sneak button partially blocking the D-Pad Up button has been fixed. 

Add-Ons and Script Engine:

  • Limit on Block Transformations: A limit has been introduced to prevent blocks from being transformed beyond a certain size, ensuring visual consistency.
  • Deprecated Components: Certain components like “minecraft:weapon” and others have been deprecated starting in version, indicating changes in the game’s mechanics.

API Updates:

Moon Phase Information: New functions related to moon phases have been released in version 1.6.0, offering more tools for game developers.

Experimental Technical Updates:

Graphical Fix: An issue where particles were not consistently lit in the Deferred Technical Preview has been resolved, enhancing the graphical experience.


  • Unique Creature Sounds: Wither Skeletons now have unique sounds, adding more personality to these virtual creatures.
  • Cat Sounds: Cats in the game now make noises when they are hungry, providing more realistic and interactive behavior.
  • Note Block Update: Note blocks with Wither Skeleton heads on top have new sounds, enriching the auditory experience in Minecraft

Villages inĀ  Minecraft

  • Valuable Goods Purchase: Minecraft Players can now buy valuable items such as treasure maps and armor from villagers in the Trails and Tales Update, adding more opportunities for in-game commerce.
  • Cartographer Maps Variety: Cartographers in Minecraft sell seven different types of treasure maps, each leading to distinct structures, adding variety and excitement to exploration.
  • Diamond Armor Purchase: A new villager, the Armorer, sells diamond armor in exchange for diamonds and emeralds, offering a significant upgrade for players.

Structures and Biomes in

  • Enchanted Books Discovery: In various structures like ancient cities, desert temples, and jungles, players can find unique enchanted books, adding more magical elements to the game.
  • Trail Ruins Exploration: For those seeking smithing templates and Sniffer eggs, Trail Ruins is the place to explore. These ruins, partly on the surface and partly underground, provide unique items and challenges.
  • Cherry Grove Biome: Cherry Grove is a beautiful biome where players can find unique trees and animals. It offers resources like wood and petals for crafting dye, creating a picturesque and resourceful environment. 

Sounds in

Creature Sound Variety: Wither Skeletons, cats, and note blocks with Wither Skeleton heads now have new and distinct sounds, making the Minecraft sound landscape more diverse and interesting.  

Yes, there are various servers you can join to play with others.

Yes, there are some optional in-game purchases for skins, textures, etc.

It varies depending on the server, but some can accommodate dozens of players.