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Download Minecraft PE APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: Try new feature crawling, create with cherry wood.

Minecraft PE Trails & Tales

What’s new in Minecraft APK :

  • Archaeological Excavations: Minecraft Players can now go on archaeological digs to uncover hidden treasures and structures.
  • Growing Sniffers: From eggs, Minecraft players can grow sniffers, which are friendly dinosaurs that assist in finding hidden seeds.
  • Cherry Wood Crafting: Introduces cherry wood from the picturesque Cherry Grove, with a pink texture, used for crafting various items.
  • Researching Ancient Structures: The update includes the exploration of unique ancient structures, such as the Trail Ruins. 


  • Character Animations: Minecraft characters now have diverse animations, including crawling.
  • Function of Crawling: Crawling helps Minecraft PE APK players get into tight spaces where walking is impossible. It’s especially useful when there are many aggressive mobs around. 

Trail Ruins:

  • Underground Structures: Trail Ruins in Minecraft  are underground structures, with only a small part visible on the surface. They offer access to unique items like smithing templates. 

Cherry Wood in Minecraft PE

  • Cherry Grove’s Beauty: The Cherry Grove is a picturesque place with unique cherry wood, having a pink texture.
  • Crafting Potential: Cherry wood can be used for crafting different things, and even its petals serve a purpose, as dye can be prepared from them.


  • Friendly Dinosaur: Players can find a cute dinosaur, a sniffer, in the game. It helps players by showing the way to hidden seeds of Torch Flower and other plants.
  • Growing the Sniffer: To have a sniffer as a companion, players need to care for its egg for some time. 

Technical Fixes in Minecraft APK:

  • IPropertyPane Additions: Added property collapsed to check if the pane is expanded or collapsed in IPropertyPane.
  • Item Component Release: Released the “minecraft:food” item component out of experimental in json formats and higher.
  • Item Component Addition: Added “minecraft:interact_button” item component to enable and set text on the interact button in json formats 1.20.30 and above. 

Updated Play Screen:

  • Improvements to Play Screen: The screen where you start playing is getting better. It has improved navigation, a fresh look, and is being organized to make it easier for Minecraft PE APK players.
  • Tab Separation: The Friends tab and Realms tab are now separate, making it clearer to understand and use these features. The Create New World and Create From Template flows are also separated for a better gaming experience.
  • Work in Progress: While these improvements are happening, some features are still being worked on, and feedback is welcome at aka.ms/MinecraftPlayScreens. 

Blocks MCPE

  • Calibrated Sculk Sensor: This block’s amethyst crystal now lights up during its active phase, making it visually appealing.
  • Hanging Signs: Signs placed with commands now have the correct hitbox, ensuring they work as expected.
  • “stained_hardened_clay” Block Split: A block called “stained_hardened_clay” has been split into different colored instances, making them more distinct. Commands will still work, but with new names.
  • Composter Issue: The third-person camera no longer goes through the lower part of the Composter, fixing a visual problem. 

Stability and Performance:

  • Memory Leak Fix: There was a memory leak issue with Bedrock Dedicated Servers while loading chunks, and it has been fixed.
  • Ongoing Improvements: Updates and fixes are continuously being made to ensure the game runs smoothly and performs well.

User Interface:

  • Controller Icons Fix: Fixed icons for controllers on Android to work correctly with Joy-Con and Switch Pro.
  • Textfield Caret Movement: The caret in text fields can now be moved by taps or mouse clicks.
  • Menu Renaming: The “Pause menu” is now called the “Game menu” for clearer navigation.
  • Layering Fix: Fixed an issue where the underground vignette effect would cover other elements in the user interface. 


Narration Improvement: The text-to-speech narrator now reads both instruction text and the confirm button in the Safe Area menu, making it more helpful for players.


Alias Referencing: Blocks that had an alias before flattening can now be properly referred to in commands, improving command functionality.


Crossbow Durability: The crossbow now loses durability when shooting, not when drawn, making gameplay more realistic.

Game Rules

recipes unlock” Rule Change: The “recipes unlock” game rule is now enabled by default. This means recipe unlocking is on when creating a new world but can be turned off in Advanced Settings.

Yes, Pocket Edition supports cross-play between different platforms.

Yes, the game has a day-night cycle just like the PC version.

Yes, the Ender Dragon and other bosses exist in Pocket Edition.