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Download Minecraft Beta APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: Decorate your armor, unlock recipes, and Cherry Biome.

Minecraft Beta update: Trails and Tales

Mojang developers have released Minecraft This update brings a new layer of excitement and introduces many opportunities for players. For example, the players could not customize their armor in the previous versions. In this latest Trails and Tales update, players can decorate their armor. The animation has also been improved. Moreover, the players can explore ancient structures and artifacts and grow useful crops. It doesn’t end there. They have also added a crawling option to Steve, fixed bugs and improved many other aspects of the game. So, download Minecraft APK free for your Android and experience much smoother gameplay.

Unlocking recipesĀ 

In Minecraft PE1.20.20.21, crafting has become easier with new unlocking recipe options. This option was available in the previous updates as an experiment. Now, it’s not an experimental feature anymore. With this addition even new players can easily craft new items. Moreover, you will hear a new and will receive a notification when it’s triggered.

Decorated Armor

If you are bored with the appearance of players, then this update is for you. In MCPE, The developers have introduced new templates for armor. Now, players can decorate them with these templates. To decorate armor, players will need to find Armor trims, which can be found in almost every biome of the Cubic world. Moreover, there are 11 types of armor trims, each with a unique texture.


Sniffer is the most loved mob in Minecraft. Sniffer has won the live mob vote in 2022 with 54.8% of the votes. This mob appeared on February 15, 2023, for the first time. This is a dog-like creature and it helps players to find the ancient which can be used to grow decorative plants like torch flowers.

Bug Fixes and improvements in MCPE

  • Enhanced Survival mode recipe book search.
  • Improved matching of item name beginnings.
  • Display of unlocked recipes in searches.
  • Recipe Unlocking is no longer experimental.
  • Toggle feature per world.
  • Rectified unlock notifications and messages.
  • Improved narration for Recipe Book items.
  • Immediate feedback for slider adjustments.
  • Consistent walking sounds for camels.
  • Adjusted break times for 188 blocks.
  • Aim for platform parity and guides.
  • Introduction of “playersleeping percentage” game rule.
  • Fixed Bone Meal underwater usage.
  • Various gameplay fixes.
  • Potions no longer thrown backwards when looking up.
  • Trail Ruin campfires no longer start lit.
  • Enhanced icons, labels, and UI elements.
  • Refined vibrations for sensors and Wardens.
  • Diverse technical enhancements.
  • Improved Add-On functionality with warnings.
  • Fixed autocompletion and UI issues in commands.
  • Split commands for stained glass blocks.
  • Early development of the Editor tool with fixes.
  • Fixes and adjustments for item components.

Templates can be used to decorate armor.

Templates can be found in every structure of the Cubic world.

Crawling is automatic.