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Minecraft 1.20.2 with more diamonds, improved mob attacks, enhanced networked play, and an upgraded player reporting tool for a safer and more exciting gaming experience

Minecraft 1.20.2 Release : Tales & Trails

The latest Minecraft 1.20.2 update brings exciting new changes, improvements, and features to enhance your gaming experience. From more diamond ore availability to better online safety measures, this update has something for everyone.

Diamond Ore in Minecraft 1.20.2

Delve deep into the world of Minecraft 1.20.2 APK to¬† find an increased presence of diamond ore. Now, you’ll have more opportunities to discover these precious gems while mining in the Overworld.

Improved Mob Attack Reach

The Minecraft 1.20.2 update has revamped how mobs can attack. Previously, attack reach was determined by a mob’s horizontal width. However, the new calculations now consider their bounding box in horizontal directions. This change has various impacts:
  • Mobs cannot attack if they are entirely below or above you Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Riding medium-sized mobs like horses offers protection from small mobs like Baby Zombies.
  • Riding tall mobs like camels safeguards you from standard-size mobs such as Zombies.
  • Ravagers can’t attack through thick walls anymore.
  • To escape from Endermen in MCPE, you need to be at least 3 blocks above the ground.
  • Mobs can now attack using the bottom of their hitbox, assuming your head is in range.
  • Structures that trap hostile mobs may need adjustments in Minecraft pe 1.20.2.
  • This change doesn’t affect player attack reach, and mobs still need to see their target to attack.

Enhanced Networked Play

The latest Minecraft Tales and Trails update optimizes the multiplayer mode for smoother online play. If you’ve experienced disconnections or slow loading into online servers, this version aims to improve your experience:
  • The Minecraft world loads sooner than the loading screen when entering a server.
  • Minecraft 1.20.2 Players with low-bandwidth connections won’t time out while loading the world.
  • Players with low-bandwidth connections can interact with the world during loading.

Player Reporting Tool Enhancements

We’re committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive gaming environment for everyone. With Minecraft 1.20.2, we’re enhancing our Player Reporting Tool. In addition to reporting in-game chat messages, you can now report player skins and usernames that violate our Community Standards in Java Edition. Reports involving player skins and usernames will be manually reviewed by our dedicated team of moderators. Actions taken may include:
  • Banning a skin from use by any player.
  • Banning a username from use by any player.
  • Suspending the player from online play for repeated offenses.
If a skin is banned, the Minecraft pe 1.20.2 player will have it removed and will be automatically assigned one of the default skins. They can still play multiplayer and singleplayer and choose a new custom skin at any time. If a username is banned, the player will need to choose a new one, with access to single player mode but not online play. For more information, including the suspension procedure and appeals process, please visit our FAQ page.

Features for Map Makers and Pack Creators

For map makers and pack creators, this update introduces exciting additions, including macro functions, a random command, and pack overlays. These features provide creative opportunities to enhance your Minecraft experience.

Villager Trade Rebalance Experiment

In version 1.20.2, we’re introducing the optional Villager Trade Rebalance Experiment. This feature allows players to explore changes to trades. Try it out and see how it affects your gameplay.

Safety and Inclusivity

We strive to make playing Minecraft an inclusive and secure experience for all players. Our enhanced reporting tool and commitment to maintaining Community Standards help us achieve this goal. Explore, create, and enjoy the Minecraft 1.20.2 universe while knowing that your safety is a top priority.


In the recent Released Minecraft 1.20.2 update, players can look forward to a more immersive and secure gaming experience. From more diamonds in the deep regions to an improved player reporting tool, these changes enrich the gameplay and make it safer for everyone. Whether you’re a miner, an adventurer, or a creative builder, this update has something for all types of players.

The tool now allows reporting of player skins and usernames that violate Community Standards in Java Edition. Reports are manually reviewed by our team, and actions may include bans, suspensions, or username changes.

This optional feature introduces changes to trades in the game, offering new possibilities and challenges for players. Try it out to see how it affects your trading strategies.

Yes, the update optimizes networked play, making online gaming smoother for players with low-bandwidth connections.