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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.10 APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account: New Mobs, biomes, Cherry wood, villagers. trading.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.20.10 APK?

The virtual world of Minecraft Pocket Edition keeps evolving, and with the release of Minecraft PE 1.20.10, players have more exciting changes to explore. This update maintains the thrill of archeology, armor customization, and even Sniffer breeding. Moreover, various bugs have been fixed to enhance the gaming experience. Let’s delve into the highlights of this update and discover how it’s changing the Minecraft landscape.

Sculk Sensors for Enhanced Safety

Players concerned about their home’s safety or those looking to detect nearby mobs should take note of the sculk sensors. These sensors are attuned to the frequency of signals, making them a valuable addition to your Minecraft world.

Cherry Wood in Minecraft 1.20.10

In Minecraft 1.20.10, the use of cherry wood offers an interesting alternative. Players can acquire cherry saplings from wandering traders, making it a resourceful addition to the Trails and Tales Update.

Torchflower Secrets Revealed

Torch Flower stands out as a unique plant that can’t be found without the assistance of a Sniffer. This mob excels at sniffing out hidden seeds, making it an essential companion for your Minecraft adventures. These flowers play a crucial role in breeding Sniffers, adding another layer of gameplay depth.

Customizing Armor and Shields

Why settle for ordinary armor when you can craft your unique designs? Minecraft  Bedrock 1.20.10 introduces the ability to decorate armor with templates and a smithing table. Seek out Trail Ruins, an ancient structure, to find the templates needed for personalizing your gear. You can even create unique items by combining an empty shield with a banner.

Crawling for Added Versatility

In Minecraft PE 1.20.10, players can do more than just walk, jump, and run; they can now crawl. Many issues from previous versions have been addressed to ensure smooth character movements. Crawling is especially handy for navigating tight spaces. Developers at Mojang have also adjusted camera settings to align with the Java edition, enhancing the overall experience.

Unlocking Recipes Made Easier

The feature of unlocking recipes has become a popular addition to the cubic world. In Minecraft 1.20.10, the update includes autocomplete text for the /recipe command, streamlining the crafting process. This version also brings confirmation of unlocks through commands and new sound notifications, adding to the crafting experience.

Cherry Trees and Their Beauty

Cherry trees offer a delightful addition to the Minecraft landscape. Not only can you craft new dyes from the local petals, but you can also buy cherry seedlings from Traveling Merchants in Minecraft PE 1.20.10. This peaceful area provides a tranquil escape, with falling petals generated based on the player’s proximity.

Unearthing Ancient Artifacts

The joy of searching for valuable and ancient artifacts continues to captivate players. While the process remains simple and safe, it’s crucial to remember the best practices in Minecraft 1.20.10. Use a brush to clean suspicious sand, as other items will only damage the block.

A Diverse World of Mobs

The development team’s efforts keep diversifying the Minecraft world. Among the notable additions are camels, known not only for their impressive size but also for the benefits they bring. In Minecraft 1.20.10, players can even ride camels together, adding a new dimension to cooperative gameplay. Sniffers also gain additional functionality, becoming even more valuable to players.

The Sniffer’s Sensational Abilities

Thanks to their exceptional sense of smell, Sniffers excel at finding seeds buried in the ground. It’s important to note that they won’t search for seeds in the water or air. In this update, MCPE 1.20.10 players are encouraged to explore the breeding possibilities of Sniffers, which can be achieved by feeding them Torchflowers. These flowers are readily available in the Sniffer’s habitat, making the process convenient and engaging.

Mastering Armor Decoration

Minecraft 1.20.10 offers every player the chance to become an armor decorator. By embarking on a quest to find Templates, users can change the color of their equipment and add intricate patterns, unleashing their creativity in the Minecraft world.


Minecraft PE 1.20.10 brings a host of exciting changes, from safety enhancements with sculk sensors to the beauty of cherry trees. The update encourages players to dive into archeological adventures and expand their creativity by personalizing armor and shields. The addition of crawling further enhances character movements, making it an all-around engaging experience in the Minecraft world.

Sculk sensors are used to detect vibrations and are valuable for home security. They function based on the frequency of signals.

Cherry wood offers an alternative resource that can be acquired by purchasing cherry saplings from wandering traders in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10.

Torchflowers can only be located with the help of a Sniffer. These flowers are crucial for breeding Sniffers, making them a valuable part of the game.