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Dive into Latest Update  Minecraft 1.20.01 featuring crawling, sneaking, enhanced character movements, and bug fixes. Explore the world of Minecraft with Sniffers, customized armor, and exciting changes in the Realms interface.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20.01?

Minecraft players brace yourselves for the exciting Latest update Minecraft 1.20.01 APK! The developers have introduced an array of improvements, from character movements to bug fixes in the Trails and Tales Update. Here’s what you can experience:

Sneaking and Crawling

The Recently Released Minecraft APK allows you to try crawling and sneaking. Many players have already experimented with these movements in the experimental mode. The developers have rectified issues related to the incorrect triggering of movements on ladders in Minecraft 1.20.01.

Sniffer Egg in MCPE 1.20.01

Meet the Sniffer in Minecraft Pocket Edition which is one of the game’s most peculiar inhabitants, aiding players in their quest to find plant seeds. This creature hatches like a dinosaur and can be discovered in the Warm Ocean Ruins. Notably, the hatching process is faster when the egg is placed on moss.

Archaeology Items and Blocks

To uncover pottery shards in Minecraft PE 1.20.01,  you’ll need a brush to search for suspicious sand blocks, beneath which ancient objects might hide. These elements can be used to craft decorative pots, which can also be broken when needed, reclaiming their components.

Armor Trims

Smithing tables now serve as workstations for customizing items. Minecraft PE 1.20.1 users can modify their armor using various trims, enhancing aesthetics without affecting functionality. To find a pattern, players must clean suspicious gravel with a brush at Trail Ruins.

Changes in Minecraft 1.20.01

Here’s a summary of the significant changes:
  • Blacksmith’s Table: Featuresa slot for templates and can be upgraded to Netherite for crafting Netherite equipment.
  • Netherite Equipment: Now crafted exclusively in the Netherite blacksmith’s table.
  • Changes in the Realms Interface.
  • Updated Main Menu Background.
  • iOS requests access to the local network to search for local network games. 

Bug Fixes

Minecraft 1.20.1 addresses various bugs, enhancing the gaming experience:
  • Improved world loading time. 
  • Fixed vibration creation from player actions. 
Every Mojang Studios update brings new features, enriching the gameplay and rendering it more realistic. The 1.20.1 release introduces crawling animations and squatting improvements. Previously, the recipe unlock mode was introduced, and this version includes further refinements.


While squatting was already available in the game, Minecraft 1.20.1 adds a crawling feature. Developers have enhanced the camera display, ensuring the animation functions when flying over blocks. They’ve also smoothed Steve’s movements and maintained the overall visual quality.

Unlocking Recipes

In Minecraft PE 1.20.1, recipe unlocking is available exclusively in the Experimental game mode. Players perpetually seek valuable resources in the game world, requiring recipes to craft items. To assist players, a new feature automatically displays a recipe when they acquire a new item. This feature is not available in viewer mode, and the unlock notification has been removed.


Various changes affect the game’s creatures. For instance, in Minecraft PE 1.20.1, the jump lanes for Horse, Mule, and Camel jerks have been aligned with experience lanes. Notably, Sniffers have become more intriguing. Players can now reproduce these creatures using plants called Torchflower.


Download Minecraft 1.20.01 APK  intensifies your gaming experience with enhanced movements, additional features, and refined animations. Explore the boundless creativity of Minecraft and embark on exciting adventures in this latest update.

      You can access crawling and sneaking in Minecraft 1.20.1 by enabling the experimental mode. The developers have fixed bugs related to these movements to provide a smoother experience.

      The Sniffer is a unique mob that helps players find plant seeds. You can find its egg in Warm Ocean Ruins. Placing the egg on moss will speed up the hatching process.

      To find pottery shards, you’ll need a brush to search for suspicious sand blocks. These shards can be used to craft decorative pots. You can also break pots to retrieve their components.