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Download Minecraft APK . unveiling the elusive Barrier block, new status effects, and numerous bug fixes. Download the APK and explore the evolving world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

What’s New in Minecraft

Discovering the Barrier Block: Limitless Possibilities

In the vibrant world of Minecraft PE a brand-new addition has emerged—the Barrier block! This unique block offers endless creative possibilities. It’s invisible and impossible to obtain from the regular Creative inventory. However, using special commands like /give is the secret to unlocking this special block. The Barrier serves as an invisible obstacle, making it ideal for map builders who wish to control where players explore. It’s a clever tool that’s both invisible and indestructible, perfect for guiding players on exciting adventures without disrupting their gaming experience.

Improvements and Innovations

Mojang Studios has been hard at work, fixing some of the trickiest issues in this sandbox survival game. They’ve reintroduced some previously challenging achievements in Minecraft PE Additionally, they’ve introduced a new status effect called Slow Falling. This effect is attainable through a potion crafted using the phantom membrane, allowing players to enjoy a slower descent in their adventures.

Important Updates and Bug Fixes

Minecraft PE APK for Android brings several fixes and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. However, it’s crucial to note that this version is a test version, not intended for stable gameplay. There might be occasional crashes during the game, and access to Realms servers might not be available. Notably, certain bugs have been addressed in this version, including fixes for crashes, corrected textures for cocoa beans in HD resource packs, and improved functionality for saving selected skins and equipped items after death. Moreover, numerous bug fixes have been implemented, such as rectifying issues with inventory, mob behavior, and multiplayer functionality. Mojang developers have also fine-tuned mouse sensitivity for smoother controls.


Minecraft Bedrock Edition introduces new building blocks, crucial fixes, and enhancements, promising an exciting and smoother gaming experience for players and creators alike!

The Barrier block can only be accessed through special commands like /give and isn’t found in regular gameplay.

The new status effect is called Slow Falling, attainable through a potion crafted using the phantom membrane.

No, it’s a test version, and occasional crashes may occur during the game. Realms server access might not be available in this version.