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  Discover the exciting underwater world in Minecraft PE 1.5.3 APK with new creatures, items, and challenges. Dive in and explore today!

What’s New in Minecraft 1.5.3?

Underwater Adventures Galore!

In both Minecraft PE 1.5.3 and Minecraft 1.5.3, the game takes a deep dive into the world under the sea, introducing exciting new creatures, items, and blocks for players to explore.

An Underwater Marvel

The Conduit, a fascinating addition, seems like a decoration at first glance. But surprise! It grants amazing powers once activated in MCPE 1.5.3 – Night Vision, Underwater Breathing, and even zaps hostile mobs nearby.

Building the Conduit

To activate it, players must construct it using prismarine blocks, eight nautilus shells (often dropped by Drowned), and one Heart of the Sea, usually found in treasure chests using a map.

Cool Achievements Await!

For achievement hunters, Minecraft PE 1.5.3 offers some exciting challenges like using a trident with the Riptide effect, placing four sea pickles in one block, feeding a dolphin to discover treasure locations, and initiating the Conduit for the “Moskstraumen” advancement.

New Creatures in the Sea


Meet the Drowned – aggressive mobs lurking underwater, rushing towards players. Some wield tridents and even venture ashore at night, a new challenge to tackle.

Friendly Turtles

On the brighter side, turtles have joined Minecraft 1.5.3! Feed them seaweed, protect their eggs from harm, and witness the adorable hatching of baby turtles.

Blocks, Items, and More!

Sea-themed Goodies

New items like Scute and Carapace, obtained from turtles, help craft items like Turtle power potions and protective gear. Plus, the introduction of Bubble Pillars adds exciting dynamics underwater.

Safeguarding Turtles and Exploring

Players can protect turtle eggs, breathe easily within bubble columns, and encounter intriguing underwater ruins and shipwrecks while interacting with dolphins in Minecraft 1.5.3.

Wrap Up: Dive Into Adventure!

In both Minecraft PE 1.5.3 and Minecraft 1.5.3, immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean, discover new creatures, conquer challenges, and explore the mysteries of the underwater world!

To activate the Conduit, construct it with prismarine blocks, eight nautilus shells, and one Heart of the Sea, found in treasure chests.

Players can earn achievements by using a trident with the Riptide effect, placing sea pickles, feeding dolphins, and activating the Conduit.

Drowned, aggressive underwater mobs, and turtles, harmless but adorable creatures, make their debut in Minecraft 1.5.3.