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Download Minecraft PE 1.5.1 APK with Xbox Live access! Explore the Update Aquatic Phase Two, discover the powerful underwater conduit, new mobs, and numerous fixes enhancing gameplay.

Minecraft PE 1.5.1: Update Aquatic Phase Two

Discovering the Underwater Conduit

In the recent Minecraft update, Mojang Studios unveiled Phase Two of the Update Aquatic, introducing captivating additions like the underwater conduit. This incredible device grants boundless power while submerged in water.

Obtaining the Conduit

To acquire this remarkable item in MCPE 1.5.1, adventurers must embark on a journey to distant lands, seeking treasure chests hidden in shipwrecks. Start by befriending a dolphin using raw fish, exploring shipwrecks for treasure maps, and digging up the coveted Heart of the Sea with a shovel. To craft the conduit, gather eight nautilus shells, either by battling drowned zombies or trading with a Traveling Merchant in Minecraft PE 1.5.1.

Activation and Benefits

Upon obtaining the necessary materials, assail the Underwater Temple to secure prismarine blocks, requiring a minimum of 16 blocks. Construct a sphere around the conduit underwater to activate it. Once activated, it provides Night Vision, Underwater Breathing, and enhances mining abilities in water. Notably, hostile mobs near the conduit suffer substantial damage in MCPE 1.5.1.

General Enhancements

Transformations and Updates

Mojang Studios revamped certain features in Minecraft 1.5.1 APK to keep the game fresh and engaging. Notably, zombies metamorphose into Drowned after prolonged submersion, while players can now ride Skeleton Horses underwater. Undead mobs are no longer capable swimmers; they sink underwater. Furthermore, tweaks like increased slipperiness of blue ice and alterations in the top kelp texture have been implemented in this update.

New Additions: Mobs and Items


These sunken zombies have evolved into the formidable Drowned. They traverse the ocean floor and hunt during nighttime, wielding tridents that can be acquired rarely. Nautilus shells, crucial for conduit crafting, are obtained from this mob.


A harmless creature found near water bodies, turtles lay eggs when fed algae. However, safeguarding these eggs from hostile creatures becomes essential in Minecraft 1.5.1.

Blocks, Items, and Innovations

Array of Items

The update brings various items like the conduit, scute, shell, and potion of turtle power. The shell grants ten seconds of underwater breathing upon immersion in water, while the potion offers resistance but reduces speed.

Bubble Pillars

An innovative addition in Minecraft 1.5.1, these bubbles aid in replenishing oxygen stores, preventing drowning. Magma blocks near shorelines facilitate fish farming.

Minecraft PE 1.5.1 APK: Updates and Fixes

Game Fixes and Improvements

The Minecraft PE 1.5.1 update primarily focuses on bug fixes, enhancing gameplay stability across various platforms, including Nintendo devices and virtual reality.
  • Fixed issues related to world connections, inventory saving after death, and installing textures.
  • Improved compatibility for Nintendo users to access Microsoft accounts and install textures hassle-free.
  • Addressed critical bugs affecting virtual reality gameplay and eliminated disruptive in-game notifications during world uploads to the Marketplace.

Mixed Packages In MCPE 

Mixed Packages, textures bundled with additional worlds or skins, received fixes, allowing seamless integration into the game.


Minecraft PE 1.5.1 expands the underwater realm with fascinating additions, from the powerful conduit to new mobs and functional enhancements. The update primarily focuses on refining gameplay across various platforms, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

To activate the conduit, gather materials from shipwrecks and the Underwater Temple, constructing a sphere around it underwater.

This update introduces the conduit, Drowned, Turtle mobs, bubble pillars, and various functional items like shells and potions.

The update primarily focuses on bug fixes across platforms, improving gameplay stability, and enhancing compatibility for different devices.