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Download Minecraft 1.5.1 APK with its new aquatic mobs, treasures, and revamped features. Uncover the secrets of the ocean as you embark on daring expeditions and harness the power of the coveted conduit. 

What’s New in Minecraft 1.5.1 Update? 

Minecraft pe 1.5.1 update brought forth a wave of excitement with its introduction of new creatures, items, and intriguing features, particularly enhancing the underwater exploration experience. 

Mysterious Mobs  

The update unveiled two new aquatic creatures: the Drowned and the Turtle, adding depth to the underwater ecosystem in Minecraft world. 

Meet the Drowned  

Drowned are sunken zombies, transformed by the depths into menacing underwater foes. With a penchant for nocturnal hunts, these creatures lurk beneath the waves, wielding tridents with uncanny accuracy. 

Trident in Minecraft 1.5.1 

Beware the Trident Of particular concern is the Drowned wielding a deadly trident, a rare drop alongside valuable treasures like nautilus shells or golden ingots. Nautilus shells play a vital role in crafting conduits, crucial for underwater adventures. 

The Gentle Turtle  

On a lighter note, players encounter the gentle Turtle, peacefully dwelling near water bodies. Feeding them algae may lead to the laying of eggs, offering the prized scute upon hatching. Protecting these eggs from hostile creatures becomes a priority. 

Blocks and Treasures  

Minecraft 1.5.1 introduces a plethora of new blocks and items, from the powerful conduit to the slippery blue ice, each adding new dimensions to gameplay. 

Harnessing the Conduit’s Power  

The underwater conduit emerges as a coveted prize, granting limitless power beneath the waves. Obtaining it requires daring expeditions to distant shores, navigating treasure maps, and facing off against hordes of Drowned. 

Activating the Conduit  

Constructing the conduit necessitates a journey to the Underwater Temple, gathering prismarine blocks in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5.1, and creating a protective sphere underwater. Once activated, it bestows invaluable abilities like Night Vision and enhanced mining prowess. 

Revamped Features  

In addition to new additions, Minecraft 1.5.1 breathes fresh life into existing features. Notable changes include the transformation of zombies into Drowned over time and the ability to ride Skeleton Horses underwater. 

Survival Tips:  

  1. Explore different biomes to gather unique resources and materials. 
  2. Craft a fishing rod to catch fish for food and enchantment materials. 
  3. Build a farm for animals like cows, pigs, and chickens for a steady supply of meat and resources. 
  4. Utilize boats for faster travel across water bodies. 

Bug Fixes  

Mojang Studios also addressed several bugs, ensuring smoother gameplay experiences for adventurers. These fixes range from reducing departures in Minecraft Realms to resolving issues with item duplication and graphical glitches: 
  • Enhanced mob pathfinding around obstacles for smoother navigation. 
  • Resolved issue with players getting stuck in cobwebs. 
  • Optimized rendering performance when viewing large structures. 
  • Fixed graphical glitches when using certain texture packs. 
  • Adjusted skybox rendering for more vibrant skies. 


Minecraft pe 1.5.1 plunges players into a world teeming with new challenges and discoveries beneath the waves. With its array of aquatic mobs, tantalizing treasures, and revamped features, this update invites adventurers to dive deep and explore the mysteries of the ocean depths. 

Minecraft 1.5.1 introduces the Drowned, sunken zombies transformed into underwater adversaries, and the peaceful Turtle, dwelling near water bodies.

Acquiring the conduit requires embarking on daring expeditions to find treasure maps, navigating underwater temples, and gathering rare materials like nautilus shells and prismarine blocks.

The End Gateway teleports players from the central island of the End to the outer End islands.