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Download Minecraft 1.4.2 APK Free Aquatic Update! Explore vibrant corals, sunken ship treasures, encounter new creatures, and unveil the wonders of underwater adventures in this exciting Minecraft update.

Minecraft PE 1.4.2: The Aquatic Update

  Minecraft PE 1.4.2 brings an oceanic overhaul, transforming even the smallest water bodies. This update, named the “Aquatic Update,” revamps oceans, introducing vibrant blocks and a myriad of new elements.

Vibrant Blocks and Marine Life

Coral Variety

Dive into warm oceans thriving with corals! These five distinct variants – brain, fire, tube, horn, and bubble – add vibrancy to construction. Obtainable using tools with Silk Touch enchantment, these corals must stay underwater to retain their colorful appearance in MCPE 1.4.2.

Kelp and Its Uses

Discover kelp in oceans, rivers, and lakes. This towering plant yields dried kelp, a new food source when used in a furnace. Crafting kelp blocks serves as efficient fuel, and kelp’s animation distinguishes it in the game.

Seagrass and Illuminating Pickles

Experience a revamped water world with seagrass decorating underwater spaces. Glowing sea pickles, found in warm tropical waters, can be stacked, smelted into lime dye, and illuminate dark areas in MCPE 1.4.2.

Biomes and New Structures

Expanding Biomes

Minecraft 1.4.2 introduces diverse aquatic biomes, from frozen oceans to vibrant coral reefs and kelp-rich environments, enriching exploration experiences.

Sunken Ship Discoveries

Explore sunken ships housing up to three chests with varying treasures, including valuable resources and treasure maps. Dolphins can guide players to these sunken treasures, adding excitement to the adventure.

New Creatures and Enhancements

Underwater Mobs

Dive into encounters with dolphins, tropical fish, salmon, and blowfish, offering diverse interactions and, in the case of blowfish, a hint of danger. The update also addresses bugs, ensuring a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Unique Weapons and Discoveries

Trident and Adventure

Battle Drowned People to acquire the formidable Trident, a versatile weapon for close combat or ranged attacks. Sunken ships and encounters with these underwater adversaries create thrilling quests.

Wood Crafting and Creativity

Hew new decorative blocks from any wood type using an axe, allowing players to showcase their creative talent and enhance building aesthetics in Minecraft 1.4.2 apk .


Minecraft PE APK, the Aquatic Update, revolutionizes gameplay with an array of underwater wonders, from colorful corals to sunken ship treasures. With new creatures, blocks, and exciting discoveries, players are in for an immersive and adventurous experience beneath the waves.

Corals come in various types and can be acquired using tools enchanted with Silk Touch. Remember to keep them underwater to maintain their vibrant appearance.

Sunken ships offer up to three chests with diverse treasures, including valuable resources and even treasure maps, adding excitement to underwater exploration.

Dive into encounters with dolphins, tropical fish, and more. Be cautious around blowfish, as they pose a potential threat with their ability to poison players.