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Discover the thrilling updates in Minecraft PE 1.3 Beta 1, from Nether wonders to enchanting Trident features. Dive into underwater adventures and more! Download the APK for free and explore a world of creativity.

What’s Exciting in Minecraft PE 1.3?

Minecraft 1.3 APKĀ  introduces a thrilling array of updates and additions. Exploring the new features in the game will bring joy to every fan, especially with intriguing elements waiting to be discovered.

Nether Wonders

Magma Blocks

One of the fascinating additions in MCPE 1.1.3 is the scorching Magma Block found in the Nether. Step on it, and it inflicts damage, but its shimmering appearance makes it a fantastic addition for builders.

Other Nether Blocks

Beyond Magma Blocks, there are Bone Blocks emitting amusing sounds when broken, creating archaeological sights with dinosaur fossils in swamp and desert areas. Scarlet-red Nether Wart Blocks and Red Nether Blocks add diversity to your creations.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Optimization and Fixes

Developers tackled crashes and unexpected incidents, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. The update addresses various technical issues reported by players, providing a more stable gameplay environment.

New Tools and Enchantments


A powerful new weapon, the Trident, offers enchantments like Fidelity (bringing the Trident back), Spinner (hitting multiple targets), Draft (pulling the player when thrown), and Thunderer (causing lightning strikes).

Prismarine Innovations

Players can now craft Prismarine plates and stairs, utilizing Prismarine blocks, Prismarine bricks, and Dark Prismarine.

Underwater Adventures

Drowned and Underwater Sprint

Drowned creatures, akin to drowned zombies, lurk in oceans and rivers, adding an element of danger. The new underwater sprint feature enables swifter movement through water, enhancing exploration.

Gameplay Changes and Improvements

Experimental Gameplay Option

To access these new features, players need to activate the Experimental Gameplay option, enhancing the gaming experience.


Minecraft 1.3.0 APK amplifies the gaming experience with thrilling additions, enriching both creativity and gameplay. The update brings new tools, enchantments, bug fixes, and fascinating underwater adventures, offering an exciting journey for players.

Nether Blocks are typically found in the Nether, while Bone Blocks can be found in both the Nether and Overworld.

Enchantments like Fidelity, Spinner, Draft, and Thunderer can be applied exclusively to the Trident.

Activate the Use Experimental Gameplay option to dive into the new underwater features and adventures.