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Minecraft PE 1.20.50 Update and the Trail Chambers update is finally released. The article below, therefore, will ensure that you get to know where these unique blocks can be found, which dangerous mobs inhabit this place, and generally enjoy fun in the cubic world while having new adventures. Let’s look further into the exciting features which are going to befall you with this latest release.  Tip: Carry a bed with you to set spawn points and avoid respawning far from your exploration site. 

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20.50 Release?

The developers have been continuing their work on polishing the Minecraft 1.20.50 Trail Chambers experience to add some new features and improve what’s there to ensure player gameplay experience in the chambers is even better. Get ready to explore the insidious Breeze and track down treasures hidden somewhere in the depths of the dungeon. 

Trail Chambers 

Traverse into one of the deep underground structures – the Trail Chambers – sprawling through several Overworld biomes. Study trial spawners and meet the imposing Breeze, who will give the trials to experience the thrill of exploration.  Tip: Incorporate natural elements like water, trees, and landscaping to enhance your build’s surroundings. 


The strong Breeze, guarding the Trail Chambers. It is a vicious mob known to deal high damage to the players with its wind charges. Note that Breeze moves and attacks while dodging with agility and making long jumps. 

Armadillo in Minecraft 1.20.50 

Say hello to the cute armadillo, now a happy part of the Minecraft world. Listen out for some new sounds as it reacts to damage. Be careful—the armadillo will perceive players that hurt it as enemies for a short amount of time.  Tip: Create torch trails to mark your path and prevent getting lost. 


Look forward to the arrival of the Vault block in future releases. The Vault block promises to have lots of valuable treasures and loots, as it is accessible with a Trial Key. This thus provides an exclusive challenge to those explorers who will be gallant enough to access it. 

New Block in Minecraft PE

Find the enigmatic Vault block inside the Trial Chambers, with a special orange particle streaming out to reveal its location. Players within the Trial Chambers can unlock the Vault by using a Trial Key and earn themselves some rewards.  Tip: Utilize high vantage points to scout out new areas. 

Bug Fixes:  

  • Tweaked mob pathfinding to prevent getting stuck in narrow spaces. 
  • Adjusted mob AI to prevent them from endlessly chasing players. 
  • Fixed bug causing block textures to appear misaligned in certain orientations. 
  • Addressed graphical glitches when using custom resource packs. 
  • Optimize the rendering of animated textures for smoother animation. 
  • Improve the efficiency of block light updates for better performance. 


Minecraft PE 1.20.50 Trail Chambers update is expected to come across mobs hiding from you and eventually find treasures in the farthest corners of the cubic universe. Minecraft Update – Trail Chambers by Xbox Live for Android. New in the latest release – defeat the mighty Breeze, find treasures, and overcome challenges to travel across beautiful and weirdly shaped structures. 

Trail Chambers are very unique structures that are spread around the Overworld, where one can find the trial spawners and some valuable loot inside, guarded by the mighty Breeze.

Armadillo scales can be picked from there by cleaning with a brush, a precious resource for making wolf armors.

The block Vault contains loot and treasures. It is only accessible with a Trial Key that the player receives through exploration and challenges.