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Download Minecraft PE APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account:Grow mobs, trade with villagers, and personalize armor with smithing templates.

Minecraft Trails and Tales Update

Features of Minecraft

  • Improved Graphics in Minecraft with the Trails and Tales Update:
  • The game looks better and more detailed with new graphics in this version.
  • The Trails and Tales Update brings changes to how the game visually appears, making it more enjoyable for players. 

Ability to Grow Mobs and Trade with Villagers:

  • Now, Minecraft PE players can help certain creatures, known as mobs, grow in the game.
  • Villagers, the characters living in the virtual villages, can be interacted with for trading purposes, allowing players to exchange items. 

Decorate Armor Using Smithing Templates:

  • In the game, players can now make their armor look unique by using special templates found in different places.
  • This adds a creative aspect to the game, letting players personalize their characters. 

Introduction of the Sniffer Creature:

  • A new creature called the Sniffer is introduced, which looks like a mix of a turtle and a dinosaur.
  • The Sniffer has a bright color, making it stand out, and it helps players find rare plants and seeds. 

Trading Function Enhancement:

  • The existing trading function in Minecraft PE APK is improved.
  • Special villagers, called armorers, offer players the chance to get strong diamond armor in exchange for valuable items like diamonds and emeralds. 

Cartographers Offering Explorer Maps:

  • Cartographers, specific villagers in the game, provide explorer maps. These maps help players discover interesting structures and locations within the Minecraft world. 

Various Varieties of Smithing Templates in Trail Ruins:

  • Trail Ruins, unique structures in the game world, hide different kinds of templates for decorating armor.
  • This gives players choices on how they want to customize their armor. 

Bug Fixes in Minecraft PE

  • Spiders and Mobs No Longer Spawn on Certain Blocks:
  • Bugs are fixed where spiders and other creatures were appearing where they shouldn’t, making the game more realistic.
  • Touch controls, how players interact with the game on touch devices, are made better.
  • This enhances the overall experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Fixed a Keyboard Bug During Sign Placing.
  • There was a problem with the keyboard when placing signs, and now it’s fixed, making the game more user-friendly. 
  • Responsive Keyboard After Placing Multiple Signs: 
    • The keyboard now works well even after placing several signs in a row, which is helpful for players who like to communicate using signs in the game. 
  • Tap and Hold Full Stack Crafting with Touch Controls Fixed: 
    • There was an issue with crafting items using touch controls, but it’s fixed now, making crafting easier for players. 
  • Non-Full Blocks Preventing Spawning of Creatures: 
    • Certain blocks now correctly stop creatures from appearing on them, fixing a problem in the game. 
  • “§” Text Modifiers on iOS Fixed: 
    • On iOS devices, there was a problem with certain symbols in text, and now it’s resolved. 
  • Fixed Several Crashes During Gameplay: 
    • The game is more stable now as various crashes that could happen while playing are fixed. 

Technical Changes Minecraft PE APK

  • Elimination of Errors in Sniffer Digging: 
    • Bugs related to the Sniffer creature’s actions are removed, ensuring it works as intended. 
  • Graphics-Related Changes: 
    • Adjustments to splash particles and removal of random lights without a source enhance the visual experience of the game. 
  • Introduction of Realms in Preview and Beta Versions: 
    • Realms, a special game feature, are now available in the testing versions of the game. 
    • This allows players to experience new gameplay features before they are officially released. 
  • Remodeled “How to Play” Screen and Addition of “Encyclopedia” Screen: 
    • Information screens in the game are redesigned for better understanding, and a new “Encyclopedia” screen is added. 
  • Improvements to Decorated Pots: 
    • Decorated Pots in the game can now store more items and interact better with other game elements like hoppers and minecarts. 
  • Gameplay Enhancements: 
    • Changes in armor trims, behavior of Phantoms, and player spawning make the overall gameplay more interesting. 

UI Enhancements:

  • User Interface (UI) features are improved in Minecraft APK, including the addition of a new game rule, better alignment of the search bar, and other visual enhancements. 

AI Goal Components:

  • Various Block and Item Changes:
  • Blocks and items in the game are adjusted, split, or changed for better gameplay.
  • Additional Information Minecraft Trails and Tales Update:
  • Specific issues, such as the one related to experimental librarians, are addressed.
  • Players can download larger worlds from Realms on Xbox, and some experimental features are either added or removed.
  • Behavior aspects related to how computer-controlled characters (AI) act are added, enhancing their actions in the game.

Yes, you can explore dungeons and find strongholds.

Yes, there are rare resources like diamonds, emeralds, and more to mine.

There isn’t a specific story, but there are optional quests and objectives.