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Explore Minecraft PE, the Aquatic Update, featuring dolphins, new blocks, and vibrant underwater changes. Discover the depths and treasures in this immersive world.

Minecraft PE Aquatic Update

Minecraft PE introduces intriguing updates and creatures that transform the underwater world. From dolphins to new blocks, here’s what this version has to offer:

Dolphins in the Depths

Dolphins, although still in beta, grace the oceans as neutral mobs. They roam everywhere except frozen waters in MCPE These swift creatures won’t harm you unless provoked. Updated models and sounds enrich their presence.

Heart of the Sea and Nautilus Shells

These precious items, currently without a purpose, match Java Edition’s textures. Sea pickles also join the scene, now stackable up to four in one block in Minecraft PE

Changing Landscapes

Underwater ruins emerge across oceans, hiding multiple chests brimming with surprises.

Dive into Chemistry

Minecraft PE melds features from Update Aquatic and the Education Edition’s Chemistry Update. Glow sticks and the Material Reducer join the toolkit, but Experimental Gameplay must be activated to access these.

Aquatic Innovations

Updates in Minecraft bring revamped textures and sounds to dolphins, enhancing their presence. They swim in groups and surface periodically to breathe. Neutral but unpredictable, they can drop raw cod when killed outside water.

Coral and Kelp Exploration

Coral, available in diverse types, beautifies the seabed. Kelp, an underwater plant, has unique animation and multiple uses, from smelting to trading with the Traveling Merchant.

Enhancements Across MCPE

The update not only refines mobs but also the underwater world’s visuals, offering clearer waters and improved visibility. It introduces new blocks like coral, a powerful weapon like the Trident wielded by the Drowned, and an array of creatures, from tropical fish to the playful dolphins.

Discovering the Depths

Players encounter diverse structures like shipwrecks and ruins, each concealing treasures waiting to be found, from armor pieces to valuable resources.

Dolphins are found swimming in oceans, often searching for the fish that players possess.

The chemical components in Minecraft PE can be acquired by activating Experimental Gameplay in the world’s Settings. This will enable access to various chemical features.

Currently, the Heart of the Sea is not obtainable in the game in MCPE However, stay tuned for future updates or developments that may introduce ways to obtain it.