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Download Minecraft 1.16.221 APK Free for android with working Xbox live: Discover new biome and mobs, find music desks and much more. 

What’s New in Minecraft PE 1.16.221? 

Mojang Studios has finally unveiled the release date for the much-anticipated Nether Update, set to arrive on June 23, 2020. This update introduces a host of exciting features including Piglins, hoglins, new biomes, and the coveted netherite. 

Musical Delights 

Get ready to groove to brand new tunes crafted by the talented Lena Reine, along with the addition of a new music disc to your collection. Moreover, surviving in the treacherous Nether realm has become more feasible with the latest update. 

Resource Abundance 

Gone are the days of trekking back to the Overworld for supplies. Everything you need can now be found within the depths of the Nether, with hoglins serving as a viable food source in Minecraft world. 

Changes in the Nether Landscape 

Discover five distinct biomes in Minecraft 1.16.221, each with its own unique charm and challenges. From the enchanting Crimson Forest to the perilous Soul Sand Valley, there’s no shortage of adventures awaiting intrepid explorers. Additionally, the introduction of Basalt Deltas and Nether Void adds further depth to the underground world. 

Creatures in Minecraft 1.16.221 

Prepare to encounter a variety of unique creatures in the Nether Update. Striders, with their graceful demeanor, stand out amidst the fiery landscape, while the formidable Piglins pose a significant threat unless appeased with golden offerings. 

Performance Boosts 

Mojang Studios has consolidated the fifteenth and sixteenth versions into one, aligning the Minecraft Pocket Edition more closely with its Java counterpart. This update not only addresses various fixes but also enhances overall performance, ensuring smoother gameplay experiences for a wider range of devices. 

Multiplayer Optimizations 

The latest update Minecraft 1.16.221 addresses lingering issues with servers, promising improved stability and accessibility for players. With fixes to authorization problems in Xbox Live, multiplayer functionality is set to receive a significant boost: 
  • Resolved issue with mobs glitching through walls. 
  • Tweaked players respawn mechanics for fairer gameplay. 
  • Balanced experience point rewards for more satisfying progression. 
  • Fixed bug causing entities to become stuck in unloaded chunks. 
  • Adjusted mob movement patterns for smoother animations. 

MCPE 1.16.221 Nether Update Features 

Stay tuned for the full release of Minecraft 1.16, slated for June 23. As the release date draws near, anticipation continues to mount for the plethora of new content and optimizations awaiting players. 

5 Survival Tips:  

  1. Create a water source near your base for easy access. 
  2. Plant crops like wheat, potatoes, and carrots for sustainable food. 
  3. Craft a furnace to smelt ores and cook food. 
  4. Use a shield to block incoming attacks from enemies. 
  5. Carry a bucket of water to extinguish fires and create safe landing spots. 


The latest update Minecraft 1.16.221 APK brings a slew of improvements designed to enhance gameplay for all players. Notable enhancements include improved creature behaviors for entities such as Hoglins and Piglins. Piglins, known for their hostile nature, can now be pacified by adorning oneself with golden armor, reflecting their affinity for the precious metal. 

Yes, Minecraft is full of hidden Easter eggs, including references to other games, secret structures, and quirky behaviors of mobs.

Minecraft 1.16 released on June 23, 2020.

The Nether Update introduces Piglins, hoglins, new biomes, netherite, and various performance enhancements.