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Download Minecraft PE 1.14.1 update, meet with the Buzzy Bees expansion. Discover new features, bug fixes, and optimizations, including honey collection, bee behavior, and enhanced gameplay stability. 

Minecraft PE 1.14.1 Buzzy Bees Update 

The much-anticipated Buzzy Bees update for Minecraft 1.14.1 has finally arrived. After downloading this latest version players will get an opportunity to experience a hive of exciting new features centered around our buzzing friends and their sweet nectar. 

What’s New in MCPE 1.14.1? 

Mojang Studios has wrapped up their diligent work on the Buzzy Bees update, polishing the gameplay and fixing over a dozen pesky bugs to ensure a smoother gaming experience. Let’s delve into the hive of changes: 

General Enhancements 

  • Players will now find a disclaimer in all worlds, outlining the online settings. 
  • Regrettably, old PlayStation 3 and Vita Edition worlds are no longer transferable, as these versions have been retired. 
  • Numerous bug fixes have been implemented, including resolving issues with game launch failures post-update. 

Bug Squashing and Improvements 

  • The notorious “no space on the device” bug has been exterminated, ensuring smoother world creation. 
  • Players encountering sign-in troubles with their Microsoft Accounts can breathe a sigh of relief, as this issue has been addressed. 

Blocks and Decor 

  • The update introduces honey blocks, capable of moving attached objects, along with honeycombs and honey bottles, which can be crafted into various blocks. 
  • Notably, the honeycomb block adds a touch of spectacle to room décor, enhancing the visual appeal of player creations. 

Buzzy Bees and Honey 

  • Bees take center stage as the key addition in Minecraft 1.14.1. These neutral creatures play pivotal roles in pollination and honey production. 
  • Interacting with bees introduces Minecraft players to the delicate balance of their behavior; while they remain neutral, provoking them will lead to swift retaliation, with a poisonous sting resulting in the bee’s demise. 
  • The introduction of honey provides players with a delicious new food source, offering six units of satiety per bottle in MCPE world. 

Performance and Stability 

  • Mojang Studios has dedicated significant efforts to enhancing game stability, ensuring smoother gameplay experiences across various devices. 
  • Fixes have been implemented to address performance issues on Android devices and streamline Xbox Live account access. 

Wild Hives and Optimization 

  • The addition of wild hives enriches the game environment, providing shelter for bees during inclement weather and serving as honey repositories. 
  • Mojang’s commitment to optimization has resulted in improved performance, particularly on devices with lower specifications, mitigating previous lag issues. 


Minecraft PE 1.14.1 has evolved into a richer and more immersive experience With the Buzzy Bees update. Thanks to developers for the introducing bees, honey, and a plethora of enhancements and bug fixes. Dive into the world of Minecraft and discover the buzz for yourself! 

To collect honey, simply use a bottle on a filled hive or nest.

No, bees cannot be tamed, but they can be bred using flowers.

You can create an automated farm by using redstone mechanisms and dispenser systems to automatically plant, harvest, and collect crops or animal products.