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Download the latest in Minecraft PE! Explore new items, game mode changes, multiplayer servers, and bug fixes in this exciting update. Download the APK for Android and enjoy a more enhanced gaming experience!

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang Studios has been busy fine-tuning the Update Aquatic, and the latest result is Minecraft PE This update isn’t just about fixing bugs; it brings exciting new items, creatures, and commands to enhance your gaming experience!

New Items Unveiled

In this update, significant changes have been made to some familiar items. For instance, TNT, the explosive block, no longer harms players and creatures when detonated underwater. Previously, while it didn’t destroy nearby blocks, it caused harm to living beings. However, MCPE resolves this issue, creating a fairer gaming environment. Additionally, the Book and Quill, used for writing notes and poems, now supports the [ and ] keys for page switching. Players can modify this feature in Control Settings according to their preferences.

Game Mode Adjustments

A noteworthy change is that players no longer automatically switch game modes when moving from one world to another with different modes. Previously, players might find themselves in a Survival world despite previously being in Creative mode, causing a challenge for achievement hunters due to mode-specific limitations.

Multiplayer Experience

The update also introduces new public servers accessible on Nintendo Switch. This means more opportunities for players to connect and play with friends while on the go, whether heading home, to work, or out shopping. These servers, featuring diverse mini-games and unique gameplay experiences, can be found under the Server tab upon pressing the Play button on the main menu.

Overall Improvements

Minecraft apk isn’t just about new additions; it’s about enhancing the overall gaming experience. The game’s sensitivity has been fine-tuned, ensuring smooth gameplay across all devices and platforms. Players can download Minecraft PE APK for Android with a working Xbox Live account to enjoy these enhancements and improvements.

Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements

The developers have focused on addressing existing issues before rolling out new features. In this update, they’ve fixed four bugs, including adjustments to mob behavior, preventing instantaneous movement of item stacks between slots, resolving issues with Greek mythology textures, and fixing game crashes.


Minecraft introduces exciting features, refines gameplay, and resolves existing issues, promising an improved gaming experience for players.

Minecraft PE is an update that brings new items, game mode adjustments, multiplayer enhancements, and bug fixes to the game.

The new public servers can be accessed on Nintendo Switch under the Server tab after pressing the Play button on the main menu.

This update has fine-tuned the game’s sensitivity and ensures better performance across all devices and platforms.