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Minecraft blocks, mob behavior changes, and how to unlock crafting options. Unearth hidden treasures and automate your farm with the Crafter block.

What’s New in Minecraft

Minecraft keeps evolving, and the Copper Update in version brings a host of exciting features to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive into the details:

Trading in Villages

Trading is a key aspect of the game, and in Minecraft, it’s even better. Players can now trade for essential items, like diamond armor from armorer villagers. But for the adventurous spirits, there’s something special. You can obtain explorer maps from cartographers, found in villages, leading you to unique and rare structures.

Exciting Structures: Trail Ruins

For those who love to dig and uncover hidden treasures, Trail Ruins are a must-visit location in Minecraft Part of this structure is visible above ground, making it a great spot to discover valuable items, from Sniffer eggs to smithing templates. To unearth these treasures, be prepared to clear away suspicious sand with a trusty brush.

The Crafter Block

In this update, an experimental feature introduces the Crafter block. Redstone enthusiasts will appreciate this addition as it allows for the automation of certain crafting processes. This nifty block simplifies item creation, making your gameplay more efficient.

Unique Mobs

Minecraft introduces camels as desert-dwelling creatures. What’s special about them is that two players can ride a single camel at the same time. These camels don’t dash when in lava and don’t move their legs while standing still. It’s a new way to explore the desert biome with a friend.

Copper and Tuff Blocks

The update includes an array of new blocks. Copper blocks, including Carved Copper, Copper Grate, and Copper Lantern, bring fresh decorative options to your structures. They even interact with Redstone, adding to the fun of building. Tuff blocks like stairs, slabs, and walls provide versatility for your architectural endeavors.

Test Version for Android

Minecraft’s test version for Android offers a sneak peek at Copper and Tuff blocks and updates the model of Bats. With various new decorative blocks, including Carved Copper, Copper Grate, Copper Lantern, Copper Doors, and Copper Trapdoors, there are many possibilities to explore. Tuff blocks in various forms, such as stairs, slabs, and walls, offer more creative opportunities.

Known Issues and Changes

It’s important to be aware of the known issues, such as problems with crafting Wax Copper Grates and Wax Carved Copper from Wax Copper Blocks, and the inability to craft Carved Copper at the Workbench. Additionally, some technical changes have been made for addon development and testing.

Unlocking New Crafting Options

To unlock more crafting options in trading with villagers, players should enable Experimental Game Mode. This provides access to seven unique maps that guide you to different structures, biomes, and villages, depending on the type of Cartographer you encounter.

Armorer’s Unique Offer

If you’re looking for a deal on diamond armor, visit the armorer villager in the savannah biome of Minecraft This unique villager offers cursed diamond armor at a reduced price. However, obtaining diamond armor the traditional way involves hard work and resource gathering, so consider starting with iron armor.

Mob Behavior Changes

This update includes various changes to mob behavior. Zombified Villagers now have a specific treatment interval, and sheep that regrow wool drop it upon death. Camels no longer escape when in water or lava, making them more user-friendly.

Automated Farming with the Crafter

The Crafter block brings exciting automation possibilities to farming. It works seamlessly with Hoppers and Droppers, making your farm fully automated.


Minecraft Copper Update has enriched the game world with unique features, blocks, and mob behavior changes. Whether you’re into trading, exploring, crafting, or just enjoying the scenic beauty, this update offers something for everyone.

You can obtain explorer maps from cartographers in villages.

Currently, you cannot craft Carved Copper at the Workbench.

Camels no longer dash in lava and do not move their legs when standing still.