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Download Minecraft PE APK free for Android with a working Xbox Live account:Discover new lands, enhanced armor, hidden treasures, and more. Are you ready to dive into the latest Minecraft PE Beta? The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as Mojang unveils a treasure trove of updates and features. Let’s embark on an exploration of the Tales and Trails Update, where new horizons, enhanced armor, and thrilling adventures await!

Minecraft Beta

Discover New Lands with Explorer Maps

Minecrft latest Trails and Tales update introduces a game-changer – explorer maps! Now, Minecrafters can set sail or wander into the unknown, discovering hidden treasures and uncharted territories.

Raise Your Sniffer Companion

Ever wanted a special companion in Minecraft PE APK? Now, you can grow your Sniffer from eggs! These adorable creatures will become your trusty sidekicks as you explore the vast landscapes of the game.

Upgrade Your Armor Elements

Face challenges with confidence as the update brings improvements to armor elements in MCPE Equip yourself better to withstand the toughest trials that the Minecraft world throws at you.

Unearth Ancient Seeds

Embark on a unique gameplay feature by finding ancient seeds in the Minecraft world. Discover the secrets hidden within these seeds and watch them grow into something extraordinary.

Crawling into New Adventures

Introducing crawling – a fun and exciting way to explore tight spaces! Navigate through dungeons and hidden corners with this new feature.

Trail Ruins: A Playground of Unique Structures

Enter Trail Ruins, where players can uncover special items like smithing templates. These templates hold the key to crafting one-of-a-kind armor, adding a touch of personal flair to your Minecraft character.

Hidden Sniffer Eggs in Trail Ruins

As you explore Trail Ruins, keep an eye out for hidden Sniffer eggs. These precious finds can be the beginning of your Sniffer companion’s journey.

Meet Villagers with Unique Trades

Engage with Cartographers who share explorer maps, opening up new possibilities for Minecraft PE players. If you’re ready to splurge, Armorers are now selling diamond armor, a game-changer for those wanting the best protection.

Unique Blocks and Customized Armor

Discover unique blocks like cherry wood and suspicious sand blocks, perfect for building and crafting. Customize your armor using smithing templates, making your character stand out in the Minecraft universe.

Additional Features in Tales and Trails Update

  • More explorer maps added.
  • Sniffer mobs can be grown.
  • Enhanced armor elements for better protection.
  • Ancient seeds are a key gameplay feature.
  • Introduction of the crawling feature.
  • Trail Ruins: A hub of unique structures with smithing templates.
  • Sniffer eggs hidden in Trail Ruins.
  • New villagers – Cartographers and Armorers with exciting trades.
  • Discovery of unique blocks like cherry wood and suspicious sand.
  • Armor customization using smithing templates. 

Known Issue in Minecraft Preview:

An unfortunate glitch in the “Try New Design” button causing game crashes is being actively tracked at MCPE

Exploring Experimental Features:

  • Villager Trade Rebalancing: Fixes for experimental Librarians not selling the highest enchantments. 

Features and Bug Fixes: 

  • Realms now available in Preview and Beta.
  • Remodeled “How to Play” and added an “Encyclopedia” screen.
  • Improved Decorated Pots functionality.
  • Gameplay enhancements including Armor Trims, improved Phantom behavior, and adjusted spawning conditions.
  • Village Raids improvements with witches joining raids and raid mobs integrating into existing raids.
  • Xbox players can download worlds larger than 1GB from Realms.
  • Various graphical improvements and fixes.
  • Touch Controls enhancements and fixes.
  • User Interface upgrades with new game rules, refined recipe unlocking messages, and aligned search bar.
  • Vanilla Parity changes for Vindicators and Evokers in Peaceful worlds.
  • World Generation fixes, especially related to Suspicious Sand in Cold Ocean Ruins.

Technical Updates:

  • Editor improvements, including added support for ExtensionContext API.
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine upgrades with clearer error messages.
  • Minecraft updates with some queries deprecated and replaced. 

Stability and Performance

  • Removal of CraftingEventPacket.
  • Various stability and performance improvements. 


Minecraft PE APK invites players to embark on a thrilling journey with Tales and Trails. New lands, hidden treasures, and enhanced gameplay features await all Minecraft enthusiasts. So, grab your pickaxe, don your upgraded armor, and dive into the exciting world of Minecraft! Happy crafting!

Yes, armor customization is possible by using smithing templates, offering players the ability to make their armor unique and tailored to their preferences.

Cartographers share explorer maps, opening new exploration possibilities, while Armorers sell diamond armor for those seeking top-tier protection.

Crawling is a new feature allowing players to explore tight spaces, adding a fun and dynamic aspect to their Minecraft adventures.