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Minecraft APK download free version for Android with working Xbox Live: New adventures, technical bug fixes, new items and more.

Minecraft PE

The latest version Minecraft PE has been released by Mojang developers. New update of the game is always exciting because it brings many features and opens up new opportunities for players. In Minecraft Trails and Tales update the players notice a lot of new items, features, bug fixes and other improvements which makes the overall gaming experience much smoother and enjoyable. Some main features and changes are discussed below in detail.  

Minecraft APK Trails & Tales Update

Minecraft Trails and Tales update has a lot to explore, Craft, and build for both old and new players. For instance, the players can now explore a new biome called Cherry Grove; further, Sniffer can be used to find  seeds. Additionally, the player will longer face an chrases in the game which lead to the smoother gameplay experience.Moreover, the developers have introduced new options for trending with villagers and they have fixed many issues with the game that you might have faced in Minecraft 1.20.0.

Experimental possibilities

The developers have made changes only to the old items. However, they have also introduced new Experimental features in Minecraft Pocket Edition For instance, The Cartographer now provides  seven new maps instead of only two which helps players to find villages and structures These maps make it easier to discover new biomes in the game. Additionally, players can buy iron armor and shields from the gunsmith and those with enough diamonds and emeralds can also purchase diamond equipment from the gunsmith.


Almost every player’s favorite Sniffer can not be ignored. Minecraft Pocket Edition players can take assistance from Sniffer to find new seeds. Seeds can be used to grow plants such as torch flowers and more.


The developers have worked on sound as well. Players will notice the following in MCPE 
  • Players will notice that cats now make noise when they get hungry.
  • Wither-Skeletons have received a unique sound.
  • Note blocks with Wither Skeleton head on top have unique sounds.

Bug fixes

  • Crash Fix: Fixed a crash in the Spellrune marketplace map.
  • Water Sounds: Improved water splash sounds and matching with Java Edition.
  • HUD Color: Made the boss bar on the HUD match Java Edition’s color.
  • Camel Change: Camels can’t dash in lava or water anymore.
  • Iron Golems: Iron Golems won’t spawn in tight spaces.
  • Arrow Effects: Players are safe from arrow effects if arrows are blocked.
  • Village Changes: Villages in the End and Nether aren’t saved to the Overworld.
  • Bucket Fix: Buckets can remove water from blocks, except when fully underwater.
  • Touch Controls: Fixed a problem where the Sneak button interfered with D-Pad Up when using touch controls.

Sniffer eggs can be discovered in locations such as Trail Ruins and other archaeological structures.

Yes, you can restore the appearance of copper objects after oxidation by using a regular axe.

While developers are tight-lipped about their future plans, players can expect ongoing enhancements and surprises in upcoming releases. Stay connected to the evolving world of Minecraft for the latest updates and additions.