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Minecraft PE 1.20.32 brings the Archaeological Update with exciting features like exploring ruins, customizing armor, and uncovering rare artifacts. Discover the changes and improvements in this article.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20.32?

The Archaeological Update in Minecraft PE 1.20.32 has brought forth a host of exciting features, including the thrill of discovering ancient ruins, the ability to customize your armor, and the quest to unearth rare artifacts. In this article, we delve into these fascinating additions and explore the enhancements that have enriched the Minecraft experience.

Items for Archaeological Adventures:

The core theme of the Archaeological Update is to embark on a quest to uncover hidden treasures in the vast world of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.32. To aid in this quest, players can make use of specialized tools and items. Here are some key elements:

1. Brushes for Unearthing:

Armed with brushes, players can meticulously uncover artifacts from sand and gravel. Brushing these blocks will reveal valuable items, such as pottery sherds, offering a glimpse into the history of Minecraft’s world.

2. Suspicious Sand:

Watch out for suspicious sand, which has a subtly distinct texture compared to regular sand. Its presence hints at hidden treasures, making it a beacon for aspiring archaeologists.

Customizing Armor

One of the standout features in Minecraft 1.20.32 is the ability to customize armor. By using smithing templates, players can infuse their armor sets with a unique touch. With over 10 new patterns to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Make your character stand out on the battlefield with personalized armor creations.

Cherry Grove:

Cherry Grove is a picturesque biome introduced in Minecraft PE 1.20.32. While exploring this lush area, players not only enjoy the stunning landscapes but also gather valuable resources. The pink-textured wood found here can be utilized for crafting and building, providing a fresh aesthetic for creations. Petals harvested in Cherry Grove serve as essential ingredients for crafting dyes, expanding your creative possibilities.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

Mojang developers have paid attention to user feedback and worked to enhance the gaming experience in Minecraft 1.20.32. They’ve addressed and fixed several significant issues, including:
  • Correcting the display of text with the “§” symbol on iOS devices.
  • Ensuring the keyboard remains responsive after placing signs, preventing any input disruptions.
  • Preventing mobs from spawning on partial blocks, offering a more seamless gameplay experience.
  • Resolving issues with purchased items in the Marketplace that remained in the account.

Trading and Recipe Books:

Trading has become more intriguing and versatile in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.32. Players can engage with various village mobs in the exchange of resources for unique and valuable items. Key interactions include:
  • The cartographer offers special items that reveal secret locations on the map.
  • The armorer provides formidable equipment to bolster your defense in battles.
  • Librarians offer enchanted books with magical effects to enhance your gear.
Additionally, the introduction of recipe books provides players with a comprehensive guide on crafting various items. These recipe books unlock automatically as you collect the required resources, making it more convenient for players in Minecraft PE 1.20.32.


Minecraft PE 1.20.32, the Archaeological Update, brings new dimensions to the game, enhancing your advantures with discoveries, customizable armor, and vibrant biomes like Cherry Grove. With bug fixes and gameplay improvements, the update promises a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Unearth the secrets of Minecraft’s past and

MCPE 1.20.32 introduces the Caves & Cliffs Part III update, adding even more features to the underground and above-ground worlds, such as deep dark variations and additional cave biomes.

Yes, Version 1.20.32 will be available on all major platforms, ensuring players across PC, consoles, and mobile devices can enjoy the latest content.

While specific details may vary, Minecraft 1.20.32 is expected to refine existing gameplay mechanics and possibly introduce new elements to enhance the player experience, though exact changes are subject to Mojang’s announcements closer to release.