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Download Minecraft APK free for Android: Use Sniffer to find ancient seeds, grow Torchflower, explore the cherry blossom biome, and more.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The latest Minecraft has been released with new possibilities by Mojang. Mojang developers have introduced many new things for players in this latest Trails and Tales update. You can download the Minecraft APK of Trails, and Tales update from the link above without spending a single plane. In this update, the players can explore a new biome called Cherry Grove, use the Sniffer to find seeds, crawl through tight spaces, and decorate armor using templates. Much more excitement is awaiting.

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree is a new type of tree introduced in the Trails and Tales update. MCPE Players will find this tree in the Cherry Grove biome. It has pink leaves with a green hint. It can be used to create Cherry planks, stripped logs, doors, fences, gates, buttons, trap doors, and much more.


Sniffer is the most popular and beloved mob of Minecraft. The reason for the Sniffer in the cubic world is that it won the live mob vote in 2020. This mob is not only a cute and passive mob; it also helps players find ancient seeds that can be used to grow torch flowers. The unique ability distinguishes it from other players, and almost every player of Minecraft loves to keep this mob. By The way, you can grow this mob; all you need to do is find the sniffer egg.

Unlocking Recipes

If you have issues crafting items, Minecraft PE update is for you. The developers have not only improved the cubic world, but they have also added a Recipes unlocking feature to the game. In addition, only old players will need help to craft items easily. Even new players can craft items quickly.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Unstable versions are available for testing.
  • Accessible on Xbox, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Aka. ms/PreviewFAQ, aka. Ms/JoinMCBeta.
  • Improved Recipe Unlocking and added auto-complete.
  • Fixed crawling under Slabs on Top of Snow.
  • Parity and height changes for Top Snow layers.
  • Added Thorns damage sound.
  • Proper sounds for Anvils, Skeletons, Drowned, Tridents, etc.
  • Falling blocks break on boats.
  • Wandering Traders now trade Cherry Saplings.
  • Entities no longer vanish after teleportation.
  • Fixed camera clipping near Water or Lava.
  • Creative Mode players ignite in the fire.
  • Spectator Mode improvements, fixed forced sneak/crawl.
  • Fixed Elytra gliding in Creative Mode.
  • Addressed gameplay issues.
  • Suspicious Stew was removed from the Creative inventory.
  • Fixes for Elytra gliding, Villager drops, Zombified Villagers.
  • Enhanced mouse input, joystick, and sneak settings.
  • Error for render controllers without textures.
  • Support for “allow_random_seed” in world templates.
  • Early development of the Editor tool.
  • Fixes and improvements to the Editor.
  • Released item components from experimental.
  • Changes and fixes for item components.
  • The minimum Ubuntu version for the Linux server changed.
  • Sound definitions accept float and integer values.
  • Renaming of block property, more updates.
  • Additional APIs and moved functions to stable.
  • Released /script event command from experimental.
  • Renamed and released item components.
  • Various changes and fixes for item components.
  • Notification for camera perspective change.

Pink dye.

With a brush.

Players can nourish Sniffer with it.