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Download the exciting Minecraft Trails and Tales Update – explore archaeology, customizable shields, and more. Unleash your creativity in the blocky universe.

Minecraft – Trails and Tales Update

Minecraft Pocket Edition, get ready for a thrilling journey through the latest Minecraft Trails and Tales Update. This update is packed with exciting features that promise to make your gameplay even more captivating. From archaeology to unique items, this version introduces a world of adventure.

Customizable Shields

Minecraft PE introduces a feature borrowed from the Java edition that allows players to customize their shields. By combining shields and banners, you can create unique shield designs. However, this feature only works on shields without existing patterns.

Archaeology: Dig Up the Past

For history buffs and treasure hunters, Minecraft presents an exhilarating opportunity for archaeology. To embark on this quest, equip yourself with a brush and seek out suspicious sand and gravel. These special textures indicate hidden treasures beneath the surface. Discover pottery shards with intricate patterns, and when you combine four of them, you’ll craft a decorative pot.

Cherry Wood Biome

In this Minecraft PE update, developers have introduced the enchanting Cherry Grove biome. In which Cherry trees with pink flowers adorn this beautiful landscape, offering a unique resource for crafting doors, fences, and hanging signs. Gather the fallen pink petals for creating colorful dyes.

Blocks and Items

Prepare to explore new blocks in the world of Minecraft The calibrated sensors are an exceptional addition, capable of recognizing various signals and vibrations. To create them, use a crafting table, three amethysts, and a regular sculk sensor. This opens up exciting possibilities for signal filtering.

Armor Templates

Minecraft lets players access armor templates in various world structures, including the Trail Ruins. This means you can add a personal touch to your armor and stand out in the blocky world.


Meet the Sniffer, a unique mob from the Trails and Tales Update. Not only is it harmless, but it also assists players in locating ancient plant seeds. Sniffers won’t revisit blocks they’ve already searched, ensuring efficient exploration.

Customize Shields in Minecraft

In this test version of Minecraft apk, Mojang introduces Shield Customization, 32 changes, 5 version equality adjustments, and 21 fixes. This update aims to enhance your gaming experience, ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable time in the blocky universe.


Download Minecraft Trails and Tales Update and take your Minecraft experience to a whole new level. From customizable shields to thrilling archaeology adventures, this update offers a world of possibilities. Embark on your journey today and enjoy a truly immersive experience.

The Acoustic Sensor has three phases: active, inactive, and recharge. Each phase serves a unique purpose in enhancing your interactions within the game.

You can download latest and old versions of Minecraft PE from getmcpe.com.

It has many of the same features, but some may differ or be limited.