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What’s New in Minecraft 1.2.14? 

Minecraft 1.2.14  APK brings colorful corals to warm ocean depths, each with unique looks. Three new biomes offer diverse exploration: lukewarm oceans, icy realms with polar bears, and exotic areas with temples and special coral reefs. Sunken ships add adventure, hiding treasures like maps, food, armor, and even valuable diamonds, gold, and iron. The update turns the sea into an exciting playground for daring players.

New Blocks

In the realms of Minecraft PE 1.2.14, corals emerge as vibrant underplants adding life to warm ocean waters. With five diverse variations—brain, bubble, fire, tube, and horn—these corals beautify the underwater world. However, removing them from water turns their vibrant hues to grayness.


This update introduces three distinct biomes: lukewarm oceans, frozen icebergs inhabited by polar bears, and profound variations housing temples and exclusive coral reefs—each offering unique explorations in MCPE 1.2.14.

Sunken Shipwrecks

Adventurous players may encounter scattered sunken ships across the seas, holding buried treasure maps, food, papers, leather armor, and, for the luckiest, diamonds, gold, and iron ingots—transforming the sea into a thrilling adventure land.

In Minecraft PE 1.2.14, the update introduces colorful corals found in warm ocean waters. These corals come in five variations: brain, bubble, fire, tube, and horn. They add vibrancy to the underwater world but turn gray when removed from water.

Players can explore three new biomes in this update: lukewarm oceans, frozen icebergs inhabited by polar bears, and special variations with temples and unique coral reefs.

Adventurers exploring sunken shipwrecks may discover buried treasure maps, food supplies, papers, leather armor, and valuable items like diamonds, gold, and iron ingots.