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Explore the exciting new features of Minecraft 1.19.20, including enhanced spectator mode, unreactive mobs, and the treacherous Deep Dark Biome in the latest Wild Update.

Minecraft 1.19.20: Explore the Wild Update

The latest Minecraft 1.19.20 version offers players exciting new features. One highlight is the continued development of the experimental spectator mode, allowing players to observe the game without influencing its events. In this update, mobs like Blowfish and Wanderers of the Edge won’t react to spectators, and players can keep their belongings after death by using the /testfor command to target observers.

The World of Blocks

In Minecraft PE 1.19.20, every element in the game consists of blocks, each serving a unique purpose. Players can now use crimson, mangrove, and deformed boards for shield repairs. Additionally, a new sound has been added to the enchantment table. The generation speed of Sculk Shriekers and Sculk Sensors in Ancient City has been increased to align with the Java Edition.

Journey to the Ancient City

Discovering the Ancient City is no easy task, as it lies within the treacherous Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19.20. This inhospitable territory is home to the formidable Warden, one of the most fearsome creatures in the cubic world. If players manage to reach the Ancient City, they can explore abandoned castles and find unique items, including echo fragments. This update also addresses 21 bug fixes.

Mobs and Their Behavior

In Minecraft 1.19.20, the behavior of some mobs has been improved to align with the Java Edition. This includes changes to the head position of cats and fireballs during collisions. Technical errors have been addressed, ensuring the raid panel displays correctly, even after beds are broken.

Spectator Mode Enhanced

Spectator mode, a popular addition, has been further improved in Minecraft 1.19.20 apk. Wanderers of the Edge and Blowfish will no longer react to spectators, and Minecraft players will retain their inventory and items after death. Even while holding their favorite food, players won’t attract a crowd’s attention. To activate spectator mode, use the /gamemode spectator command.

User Interface and Animation

Mojang Studios continues to enhance the game. In this Latest Released Wild update, animation has been improved. Villagers’ nametags now display their trading tier in Bedrock Edition.

Updated Items and Transportation

Various items have been updated in Minecraft 1.19.20. For instance, the enchanting table now emits its unique sound. Players can combine a boat with a chest to transport their belongings across the game’s waters. The recovery compass, made from echo shards, helps players find the location of Steve’s death.

Blocks with Enhanced Generation

Sculk blocks in the Ancient City now generate more frequently in Minecraft 1.19.20. While useful for players, these resources can also have dangerous effects, causing darkness. Mud from Mangrove swamps can be used as a building block, and combining dirt with the pointed dripstone can create clay to fasten structures. Amethyst blocks no longer make sounds when MCPE players jump on them.


Minecraft PE 1.19.20  Wild Update introduces an array of exciting features and enhancements. From improved spectator mode to updated mobs and blocks, this update promises to elevate the Minecraft experience.

To enter spectator mode, use the /gamemode spectator command. In this mode, mobs won’t react to your presence, and you’ll keep your inventory and items even after death.

Echo shards are used to create a recovery compass, which helps players locate the spot where Steve met his demise.

Combining a boat with a chest allows players to transport their belongings across the game’s waters, making it easier to carry items.