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Download Minecraft PE 0.14.1 APK. Explore latest features, from battling witches to Redstone innovations and enhanced gameplay. Discover new achievements and a revamped interface for an enriched gaming experience.

What’s New in Minecraft PE 0.14.1?

Encounter Witches

Mojang Studios introduces witches in this update, adding a new challenge to survival. These tricky adversaries throw harmful potions, demanding quick and decisive action to defeat them. Upon their defeat, they drop various items, including strings, sticks, Redstone, and alchemical ingredients.

Redstone Blocks

The update brings a variety of Redstone structures vital for creating contraptions. Repeater blocks strengthen signals, comparators handle crucial mathematical functions, while dispensers and droppers offer item management possibilities. These additions allow for innovative interior and exterior designs, from creating bathrooms to functional fridges dispensing items.

Enhanced Gameplay

Notable changes include expanded achievements, the ability to wear armor in Creative mode, and seamless inventory retention across different modes. The new main menu features a user-friendly interface, making navigation easier. Players can now wear pumpkins and mob heads as helmets, dye leather armor, and utilize cauldrons crafted from iron ingots.

New Achievements and Interface

Minecraft PE 0.14.1 introduces a revamped menu, showcasing new hints and an achievement system that guides players through tasks. Users can access 52 achievements, including eight new tasks for added challenges.

Cauldron and Frame

The update introduces a cauldron found in witches’ huts, allowing players to craft potions independently. Frames offer interior decoration by displaying items that can be rotated within them.

Other Features

Players can try out Minecraft Story Mode skins and utilize new Redstone-related items like double trap chests, dispensers for arrows or lava, comparators, and more. The update aims to create a unique and enriched gaming experience.

Trolleys, Slime Blocks, and Mechanisms

Minecraft 0.14.1 introduces trolleys, enhancing mechanization in the game. Players can use chest-equipped trolleys to transport valuables and even dynamite trolleys for explosive outcomes. Additionally, slime blocks allow for bouncing movements, while Redstone mechanisms enable the creation of unique designs and functionalities.


The update to Minecraft PE 0.14.1 brings a plethora of new features, from challenging adversaries like witches to innovative Redstone blocks and enhanced gameplay mechanics. With a revamped interface and added achievements, players can explore a more diverse and engaging gaming world.

Witches can be encountered in swamps or other locations in the game.

They drop strings, sticks, Redstone, and alchemical ingredients.

Redstone blocks like repeaters, comparators, dispensers, and droppers offer various signal management and item manipulation capabilities.