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Explore the incredible world of Minecraft, featuring new biomes like Cherry Grove, unique mobs like the Sniffer, trading options, and exciting blocks like bamboo. Learn about the changes and updates in this article.

What’s New in Minecraft Update?

Minecraft enthusiasts are in for an unforgettable experience with the release of Minecraft This update, part of the Trails and Tales Update series, comes with an array of fixes and improvements, ensuring players can immerse themselves in seamless gameplay. Furthermore, Marketplace-related issues are now a thing of the past, making it easier than ever to explore the game’s virtual universe.

Cherry Grove

For those seeking unique types of wood for crafting, Minecraft Pocket Edition introduces the stunning Cherry Grove biome. This picturesque location is adorned with beautiful flowering trees, offering an abundant source of cherry blocks for crafting and construction.

Petal Crafting

Within the Cherry Grove biome, players can discover petals, which can be used for crafting dyes. These vibrant petals add a splash of color and creativity to your crafting endeavors.

Trail Ruins – Home of Archaeological

Trail Ruins is the perfect biome to commence your archaeological excavations. Here, players may stumble upon valuable items like Sniffer eggs and smithing templates, making it an essential location for history enthusiasts and armor decorators alike.

The Sniffer

The Sniffer has long been a familiar face in the Minecraft world, known for assisting players in locating unique seeds. This creature, while untamable, can be an ideal companion in the quest for ancient plants. In Minecraft PE, Torchflowers are introduced, which can be used to breed Sniffers, enhancing their role in the game.

Growing a Sniffer:

To grow a Sniffer, players need an egg. When placed on moss or another block, this egg will transform into a fully-fledged Sniffer mob. Watch these creatures thrive in your world as they continue their quest for unique seeds.

Village Trading

Trading is an integral aspect of many players’ strategies for obtaining various items. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, villages are home to several mobs that offer valuable items, such as diamond armor or explorer maps. Armorers, for instance, can provide diamond armor when players have the required diamonds and emeralds.

Game Optimization:

Minecraft PE represents a highly anticipated release that enhances the gaming experience on Android devices. This hotfix addresses seven significant issues that affected users’ connectivity to servers and the Minecraft Store. The developers have heeded player feedback and made necessary corrections, optimizing gameplay for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.


To traverse the ever-expansive Minecraft world, players can rely on the trusty Camel. These hardy creatures closely mimic the behavior of real camels, complete with animations and distinctive characteristics. Camels feed on cacti and don’t require frequent drinking, making them an ideal choice for long-distance travel. Additionally, players can transport multiple entities simultaneously when riding a Camel, as their height keeps them out of reach of shorter entities and animals.

Blocks and Building Materials:

An essential addition to the update is bamboo, which adds diversity to building and decorating. With bamboo elements, players can expand their creative horizons and elevate their construction projects.


Minecraft PE opens up a world of possibilities for players, featuring new biomes like the Cherry Grove, unique mobs such as the Sniffer, enhanced trading options, and exciting blocks like bamboo. This update continues to captivate players, offering an ever-evolving experience with each new version.

Sniffer eggs can be found in the Trail Ruins biome, among other locations.

In villages, players can trade with various mobs to obtain items like diamond armor and explorer maps. The specific mobs offering these trades may vary, so explore different villages to find your desired items.

The Cherry Grove biome is a source of unique cherry wood and petals, which can be used for crafting and decorating. It adds a vibrant and natural touch to your in-game creations.